Monday, March 30, 2009

Sneak Peek at the new Missionary

I thought his mom might like this one.... we accidently got a good smile :)

Good Luck Dustin! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some new pics

Here are a couple of pics that I did a couple of weeks ago. Yes I am that behind. I was hoping that I would have my photo blog done and could be posting on there, but not so. Not yet anyhow! Quick explanation of these pics. This is Mason and his birthday is March 31. He shares the same day that his uncle died in Iraq. His mom is doing a little memoirs thing for the fam using all of his letters, flight jacket, etc. How do you think it turned out?

This is Sweet little Haven. She is a DOLL! Poor girl had a running nose and boogers:) But considering....she did pretty good until I took her outside! (Who can resist those rubberband arms!! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

As most of you have found out from the last post....Yes! WE ARE EXPECTING!! :) The girls are very excited minus the part that they just want another sister! Um yah. Well good luck with that one kiddos my vote (or maybe instinct?) is that this one is a boy! So far things are a bit different. I just started getting sick this last weekend at Kacee's. Blah! With my girls I was only sick at night. This one it is ALL DAY LONG!! I was dreading flyin into St. George because its pretty bumpy coming into land (Catherine I was so thinkin about ya!!!) And sure enough it was pretty bumpy!!! I wanted to loose my cookies :) So I'm hoping this phase will go quickly!!
The plan: We were "planning" on waiting a while before we announced. But things never go as planned around here! Long story short, we didn't want our girls to hear from someone else so Eli told them. Sure enough BrookLynn told Kacee when she saw her. Haha, Kacee can't keep secrets or more like it kills her to try and keep it a secret so she convinced me to spill the rest of the beans! I forgot my camera so we tried to use hers on her phone. Elle's shirt actually says "I'm the big sis!" but you need a microscpoe to see it. I couldn't figure out how to enlarge it. Anywho, the due date is November 10. And we are pretty excited!! Thanks for all your comments!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our far :)

Hey! We headed to Salt Lake with Eli on Friday. Kacee came out and got the girls and I and we headed to Roosevelt to spend the weekend with her! Its been fun so far!! Kacee has pampered us and you probably can't tell in the teeny pics (from her cell) that Elle has "Ariel" extensions and Blynn has "Pink" ones. They love them!!! There are only three, but they still think that they are the best!! They love to come to Kacee's cuz she spoils them rotten! I seriously think that the girls are always expecting some wonderful treats when they come to Kacee's!!! I'm sure that they won't want to go home anytime soon!! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


*so sorry about being a lazy blogger!! I wanted to post a bit about last weekend when Bob and my dad where able to come down and visit!! It was so much fun, and we loved having them here! And two photoshoots!!!*

Small update about school. We have a friend here in St. George at the airport. Eli has taken all of his tests with them. They are great people and we love them! Anywho, one day three of "our school's" planes came in to fuel here in STG. They were "chatting" on the main frequency which was a no-no. So they announced what frequency they were moving to. So our friend changed over to the same frequency. She listened (she knows the situation at the school, and that these planes were from there) and heard them talking and what do you know??!! They were headed to Florida. The school opened three new locations out there last fall. (One of the three was Eli's horrible Instrument instructor) Word is that they are changing the name of the school out there so they can continue to steal everyone's money. Basically. We haven't heard about if there was a case or not on Monday. We are suprised that there isn't anything in the news. If the DA is truly involved (like we have been hearing) why haven't we heard anymore? But Eli and his buddy (who also works with Eli and is a student at the school) want to do some investigating in Florida. Give some notice to all the other potential students!! :) I don't know how this may come across, but I hope it isn't vindictive, or stooping to their level type of thing. A warning perhaps? The loans are huge, and you CAN'T default on them even if the company goes bankrupt. The school demanded the loans in full. Not as we went. Soooo..... thats kind of what is going on in a nutshell. I might see if Eli wants to add his 10 cents :)

Eli said we will keep this updated :)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, while I'm sitting here waiting for my dad and K-Bob to get in, and I thought I would blab about Eli's school. There has been a recent development. The school Eli has been going to (and is still under contract for teaching) has "temporarly" closed. We don't know EXACTLY why, but this isn't really a surprise to us. Eli rushed to get through everything. There has been so many rumors and what not going around. So its still pretty difficult to know what the heck is going on.

Bad part about it and what it means for us?? We still have a chunk of un-used money tied up with them. This is for Eli's multi-engine time building. He needs this time to even apply for major airlines. We wouldn't be able to get another loan, so it would be VERY time consuming to save for each flight. Plane rental, gas, and time. Bummer huh. We think that there is a hearing on Monday to determine if there was a misuse of funds. Criminal, that would mean that we could possibly get our money back. If not, bye-bye $$$. Things could be so unbelievably worse!! There are students that have just started and have given the school ALL or a huge portion of their loans. Bad. Very bad. Some haven't even recieved their private license yet. You might think, "hey they could still get another loan?" Not really. Especially since the way the economy is now. And there are the others who don't have their commercial rating so they can't get a job yet and even the ones who aren't instructors yet don't have anything to go on.

So, come Monday, hopefully we will hear that Eli will be able to get his time building done and get out of there!!!!
I hope for the rest of them that they will get their funds back, so they can move on. So I guess we will cross our fingers??!!

Bike Ride

Yesterday we were able to go on a picnic and bike ride. It was so much fun. We ate some sandwitches at the park and started down one of the bike paths and not even 20 yrds down the trail it ended. So we packed up and headed to another trail. Elle still gets tired pretty easy so she got to sit in the bike trailer. She didn't whine once. (thats her new thing, whining about something!!) Blynn amazed us. She did awesome!!! Going up some bigger hills, she never got off and walked up. She had fun and was really glad and that she did so well. The loop was around 5 miles. We can't wait to go again.... as soon as my hiney stops hurting!! (I need a big grama seat. You know the squishy kind? :) Elle glad to be done
Getting out her rations :)

Almost done!!!Blynn picking which way we want to go!

HAD to get another crazy Elle face in there!!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Happy Birf-day!

The beautiful necklace Eli gave me! :) Love it!
I turned 21 some :) My girls were so cute. I was getting some singing time stuff together on Saturday night and ended up leaving all my stuff out. (long story, I will say I am NOT a fan of daylight savings time!!!) So the girls took the opportunity to use all of "mom's" stuff while it was still out. Huge paper, markers, crayons and so forth. They colored and cut away to their happy hearts desire, or well untill I told them enough!!!
Last night it was hush hush what they were doing, but I could hear their happy excited voices carry through-out the house. They were doing something for mom's birthday!!! So this morning, first thing....I went in to wake them up, and not knowing Blynn was fully awake, she gave me my first HAPPY BIRTHDAY of the day!!! It was so cute. With the sleepiest smile you could imagine. (melt my heart!) We hurried to the gym and came home. They ran inside to get their prized treasures and it was TIME!!! No more waiting! I had to open the presents now!!!
I could not get over their excitement. It was better than Christmas for them and they were so proud. How could I not love that!? I opened their envelopes and found more drawings. (I get SO many of those these days.... :)) And to the present. My eyes wanted to tear up just looking at the wrapping job. BLynn was so proud!! Inside I found a plethera of items from the house. Games, cards, more drawings, Blynns cell phone she made, there papers they made with their friends. etc.... It was great! I love my girls. They made me feel more than special on MY special day!!
I love you girls so much!!! Thanks! :)
I had a good day. It was fairly quiet and uneventful. Eli is at work so we get to celebrate some more tomarrow. (how lucky am I to milk this out for a couple days!!)
Thanks for the phone calls and cards!! Eli, thank you for the beautiful necklace and earrings. Even more, the goose chase to find them!! :) I'm so unbelievably lucky to have such a wonderful husband like you!! I love you FEIM!!!
Alysia thanks for the girls day out on Saturday. I had a blast!! (And I'll pre-thank you for the amazing cake you are going to make! hehe!! ) And thanks to Jason for watching the kids so we could go!!! (even when your under the weather!)

Thanks everyone for making the beginning of my 28th year so great!
Some of the Treasures in my present

The wonderful wrap job. I wish you could see all the packaging tape!!! It was great!!

My happy girls!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Missionary Homecoming!

*note* I think its about time to get myself a photo blog!! What do you think?

This was a first for me!! Rachel's little bro came home from serving his mission today! They asked if I wouldn't snap some pics for them. It was fun and definately different. I had to laugh cuz he looked at me with this quizical look and asked his fam "Do I know her??!" I had a good laugh over that one!! Welcome Home Elder Anderson! Here are some of the pics, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dr. Suess Week

BLynn's school is celebrating Dr. Suess' Birthday this week. Monday was green eggs and ham for lunch....but since she doesn't eat lunch.... She got to participate in dress up and wacky hair day! She was SO excited, and I can't remember how many times she asked if I was going to do her hair funny. So this morning she woke up and we went to create Little Miss Cindy Lou-hoo 2. (we did the best we could with short hair :))

When we were done, I told her that she looked like her, except her hair was blonde. Blynn got a flustered look on her face and said "WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE IT BLONDE!!!?" I had to laugh, cuz and as much as aunt Kacee does everyone's hair INCLUDING coloring, she should have known that I can't just put blonde in it. I had to laugh!
She loved all the attention she got all day as we ran errands today. :)