Friday, May 15, 2009

The sneak peek!!

I had so much fun doing these guys' pics for them. They did awesome! I am going to hire her to do my ideas. She had so many of them, it made my job so easy!!! (And I still messed up my part!! :)) Anyhow, thanks Travis and Tara! You guys are hot! :) ....So here are a couple of my favs!! Enjoy! oh and please comment to let me know what you think! thanks :) ps. I'll have your family pics up soon, just couldn't wait. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Elle's "gad-giation"

Last night Elle graduated from preschool. She was pretty excited, all she kept talking about is when her "gad-giation". Its been awhile since I've gotten the camera out so my pics were pretty poopy. Plus my mind was going crazy because I had my first engagements last night!! She had an extra treat becuase Grama and Grampa Mayes was here visiting! Its been fun to hang out and visit. We are getting them into the groove of becoming frequent flyers!
We've been busy with Expo's and traveling around. Last week we went to Page for Eli to start working. And as soon as we got back, we left for Salt Lake! Blynn finishes school this next week with her graduation! Our pool just opened and we haven't heard the last of the "CAN WE GO SWIMMING??!!!" :) I think its going to be a long summer.....and it really hasn't started yet! :)
Thanks Grama and Grampa for everything!! Its been great having you guys here and hope its not too long before you come back!! :) We love you!!!
(I'm hurrying to get the pics done!! I'm excited!!) Check back!