Saturday, October 31, 2009

What did you get?!

I had to post this. Thought it was pretty funny.

This morning I was laying in bed just trying to find the motivation to get up :) The girls had just got up and were millin around doin their thing. Eli came in and layed back down by me and we were talking when Blynn and Elle came in all proud. Blynn had a big smile on her face as she handed me "breakfast in bed". It consisted of two pieces of toast with some butter and homemade jam. I thought it was so sweet!! I ate my little feast, greatful to my little sweetheart. In the mean while Elle brought Eli some too so he wouldn't feel left out. I had my back turned toward Eli. He stopped eating and said he was trying to choke his down. I kind of laughed and said oh.
Then Blynn came back in with a glass of milk and I shared with my dear hubby.

Later as we were running around doing errands we were talking and somehow the subject of breakfast came back up.

I mentioned something to the extent that I was glad that the butter was almost out cuz the girls like to go overboard. Especially Elle. Then i said something about mine being toasted. He looked at me and said, "Yours was toasted??!!" I laughed and said ya. Then I told him that she did a good job with the jam too. He looked very surprised and said, "You had jam on yours??!!"
Then I realized that the real question was "what did you have for breakfast??!"

He laughed at me and said A piece of bread with some butter. No wonder he was trying to choke it down!!
I love my girls!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Congrats Jen & Jimmy!

More pics are coming!! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Ava won't be lonely? :)

We thought this was pretty funny. Such nice sisters!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farm and pumpkin carving....

*post note* Eli made me put some in of blah!!!

Go figure.....these are all backwards again! :) Last night we took the girls to Staheli Farms. Both of the girls have been there on field trips and loved it. They have rides and stuff for the kids to do. It was really cold when we woke up that morning but Elle insisted on still going when Blynn got out of school! So, after my doc app I grabbed some hot chocolate and we headed out!!

The end of the night carving their pumpkins. ( VERY EMOTIONAL time!! I was in the other room for a couple of minutes and came back out to drama and tears! Green spots on the back of one pumpkin...made it ugly you know! And a messed up face drawn in permanent marker! :)


Finding their pumpkins


Redneck trampoline....with a rope.

Blynn on the swing

Going down the slide into the corn

Nice dismount.

Fun ride! The kid driving took off going 9-0! Good thing they know how to hang on!!

Petting the animals

Dad misses his boys back home :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

Some pics I did....

This is the "G" family, well the kids anyhow! :) They all did so good! Thanks a ton you guys, you look awesome and were so much fun to work with!! :)
(I need some practice on not chopping the tops of your heads off when I make a collage! :) Sorry! )
7 DAYS........

Friday, October 16, 2009


Can't believe its been so long since I posted! I went to Wyo and Catherine had put together a great baby shower for me!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! You are the best!! :) My mom took pics, but I don't have them yet. Thanks to everyone who came!
We had enough excitment on our way home. It was an adventure like always. The girls did really good though.....I only wanted to strangle one of them once!!!! :) Haha!! They surprise me how well they can handle long layovers, cancelled, missed or delayed flights, and standby all together! Too bad their mother wasn't the same!! I'm so blaming this on pregnancy!!! But thanks to great family helping us get to where we needed to go at the most inconvienent times!! (4:30am in a blizzard or middle of the day trek to Billings. Who needs to work??!!)

Um, I've been trying to find projects to keep me busy and help pass the time away. I have less than three weeks left and its dragging badly. I made a blanket for Ava. Sad thing is it only took me a couple minutes to sew it together. :( So looking for more things to do!!!
Today my friend and I got together to make some freezer dinners. I was more than happy to let her pick a menu, she is a great cook! We made 2 of each dinner and we ended up with 6 different dinners. This will make it so nice after we have Ava and i'm not in the mood to cook! :) Thanks a ton Alysia, your the best!! I owe ya! It was a great time though!

Speaking of Ava, things still look good. We scheduled the c-section for the 3rd. So i'm really looking forward to her coming!! With the RSV, and H1N1, the girls aren't allowed to come into the maternity ward to see me. At least they will be able to see her outside through the window :( kind of bummed about that, but oh well. They even told us no kids can accompany us to the doctor anymore, and if I am sick I have to be quarinteened at my visits! BUT!!! Today while we where making dinners, Alysia's sister called to say she does indeed have the swine flu! The doctors told her that there are a TON of people that have it here. Nice.

Blynn is still doing really well in school. She is still trying to adjust to the all day thing. Makes her a very tired, sensitive girl!! :) Elle is still bein Elle. :) She loves having her dad here! Its pretty cute to listen to her "agenda" of things to do while he is home!!

Oh! Maybe someone who reads this will have some info for me! Our tv is having some serious issues. Elle told me that it just keeps turning off. Or course I was like "whatever". But the other day we were watching a movie and it did indeed turn on and off by itself, several times over the course of the movie. Doesn't freak me out, just wondering what in the sam is wrong with it!!! It has been doing this all times of the day or night. And it changes channels by itself too..... sigh. (its not that old either!) Any comments besides its freaky? Eli and I had a good laugh cuz Mark, Michael, and I used to use a universal remote and go change peoples channels or turn them off/on!! :) Sorry Croy's!! :) haha!!!! I have to admit it was very entertaining! The reactions where priceless!!!

Well I am off to soak my feet before they swell 10 times their normal size!! :)