Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My other funny child

Today started earlier than normal for Eli and Elle. Eli decided late last night that he needed to bring the van back from SLC. The red car is down here for some maintenance and the blue car is in the process of being sold :) So Eli being the sweetheart that he is said he would take Elle with him for company and give me a day of relaxation. So at 5am we got up and got them off to the airport. It was heavenly to be able to sleep and relax longer than usual! Blynn got off to school.
I checked in with Eli later and he had a funny story for me. Eli has been working on a friends plane and it needed to have a test flight so Eli planned on doing that as soon as he landed there. Greg (friend) is a super nice guy. Elle sat in the back and put her headset on. In some smaller planes, the mics will stop working when someone else is talking. Control tower, pilot etc. Not this plane. Elle loved listening to herself talk. So she was doing plenty of it!! Greg would ask her to be quiet nicely and Eli had turned around and unplugged her headset a couple of times! Salt Lake is class B airspace so you are controlled by the tower where you go etc. It was difficult to listen to tower and Elle. Greg didn't know Eli had been unplugging her headset and he turned to Eli and said, "You might want to unplug her!"

Eli looked at him and said, "I have 3 times!!"

Greg kept calling her sweetie and I don't think she was very fond of it :) She was hularious. Singing and just making tons of noises and stuff into the mic. Eli would move her mic down away from her mouth. But she would move it right back! :)
Sorry there are no pics......I'm getting on that!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Funny...

I only have myself to blame.

:) Today we had made plans to bring back our van and pick up fruit to do some canning. All of this took careful planning. BLynn went to the neighbors, but not before being lectured of everything to do and not do! I thought that in my mind I had very carefully explained that if we were not home when she came home from school we would call her. I gave her the extra cell phone and specifically told her to put it in her backpack. She better be dying if she took it out!! :)

All the mean while, Elle and I caught the plane to salt lake. Eli would pick us up and we would head home. Pick up fruit on the way. Well, knowing us, our plans always change and last minute. I landed in Salt Lake and turned my phone on. I recieved a pic message! .....duh duh don!!! From none other than my daughter!!! It was a pic of her view on the school bus. Big sigh. She listened so well. Eli was to pick us up in the van, not the car. But waiting patiently for us was our red car?! Whatever. He had his reasons and that was fine. We got on the road. And my phone beeps again. Its about 9:30ish. Another pic message. Yup, from Blynn. Of herself this time. During school!!! What?!! Are you serious?! (This whole time I am sweating bullets thinking what a bad mom I am etc etc) Ha. Ha. Eli and I couldn't stop laughing though. She is in so much trouble when she gets home!! I couldn't text her back or call for fear her teacher would take it, but I then decided that would be just fine :) (she probably couldn't read the text anyhow. And sending a pic of my "your-in-trouble" face,..... um ya. Nothing like the teacher confiscating the phone with a pic of me looking like that!! What a turd!

We got home with plenty of time to take a little siesta. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

First day of 1st Grade!

Serious face
Little sis didn't want to miss out on the action!!

She is a big girl!! Yesterday was Blynn's first day of school. She was pretty excited. She came home, and said she liked her teacher, had three recesses, and that lunch was good! I was excited for her. Then she told me that it was a long day!! :) I had to laugh. Oh, and that there was some boys that chased her. Nice, boys chasing her already! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just everything!

Today we had to come back and face reality! Oh yea! I'll tell ya how excited I wasn't!!! Eli had to go into work tonight so he said we were taking the early flight :) out of Cody. I can't tell you how much I really dislike that flight! Maybe because it cuts deep into my time to sleep!!? Lately my sleep has been precious, few, far and inbetween. I won't bore you with all my sad stories of bad back problems. It hurts to bad to sleep. There. Anyhow..... I was hopin he would budge a little and let us take the noon one but when I looked a family with a higher priority (8 of them to be exact) took all available seats. I was bummed. So after a late night celebrating a not-so-much b-day :), I hurried and did some laundry and got into bed and prayed I would get some rest. That was after 1am!! Alarm went off at 4am and off we went!! (Thanks a ton to Claudia for hauling us around at such fun hours!! And Kari and Tyler!! :) Love you guys!) We love the rest of the fam for putting up with us all summer!! :)
On the plane, The girls both wanted to sit by Eli but couldn't. A small bribe and we were all set! Elle sat by me and Blynn by Eli. Blynn was wound! I couldn't believe it! She was going non- stop. Elle was pretty mellow. We were a couple minutes before we touched down and Blynn started to whistle. Then she looks over at Elle and asks her to whistle. Elle looks at me and under her breath whispers, "Mom whistle!!!" So I am looking at her with my back to Blynn and I started to whistle a little. Elle's face was hilarious! She acted like she was whistling away!! This is definatley one of those you-had-to-be-there moments. But these two are so funny.
Another thing today, (warning, gross story.) We were getting some errands ran for Eli in Salt Lake before our flight left and the girls were chillin in the back seat. Blynn asked for some tissue to blow her nose. She's been kind of stuffed up and tons of crap in her nose. She blew her nose, opens the tissue and says, "Look mom!" So proud of the contents she got out. Elle happened to be looking that direction too and immediately started gagging. :) Its so funny. Poor girl had to look out the window until her sister was done. Even the noise of someone blowing their nose makes her gag!! (some days it feels like I'm raising little boys!)
We made our flight to St. G no problem. Nice smooth flight :) Girls napped a bit. We needed to get another booster chair and last minute stuff for school. So we ran our errands. In Wal-mart, I always use the self check-out. Just prefer it I guess. So it was crazy busy and I found one, but I had to squeeze by one stand to get there. So I kindly :) ask the lady in front if she would excuse me so I could get to the other stand. She looks at me and proceeds to tell me she is in both lines. WT@#*!! Both lines huh. Yeah, not working for me, chick. Pick a LINE! She tells me she is going to whatever one opens first. Oh. Did. NOT. Make. Me. Very. Happy. Wow. Didn't take much did it?! :) Haha!!
Anyhow, that was our little day wrapped in a nut shell. :) Okay not really. I can't believe Blynn starts school tomorrow! Makes me all nervous and stuff for her!! The summer flew by way too fast!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh the places you'll go.....or more like the people you'll meet!!

It's been a busy weekend!! Eli went to work on Thursday, then at 4am on Friday the girls and I flew up to Salt Lake. Eli had his family reunion this weekend in Morgan. Claudia offered to take the girls so I could take some wedding pics here in St. George without a hassle! So Friday night I flew back to St. George. I tried to get some much needed house work done on Saturday morning but it was too nice to just relax! (it feels like we have been living out of our suitcases this summer! :) That night I took pics from 6 to 10. It was a great reception! TONS of people came through. I wasn't so happy about my pics, lighting pretty much sucked and lack of the right equipment didn't help the situation. I took over 600 pics and now I need to edit. yeah! haha!
Then this morning I got the early flight back up to get the girls. Flights are never good on Sundays. Always packed. I did get on okay though. Getting back home was a different story. (Isn't it always?!) Before I left St. G this morning I checked and flights were a little on the crowded side but still able to get on. By 1pm, all were seriously full and of course our names were on the bottom of every list! I bumped up our priority a notch and hoped for the best! Everywhere you go things are a little different depending on who is working the counters. Some places let you change your priority at the gate others you have to change it when checking in. When people start noticing that others are bumping their priorities, they will hurry and bump up theirs. That stinks! :) I like to do it secretly so the oblivious don't realize that they might not get on! :) they are so used to getting on!
Long story short, by miracle we got on. We waited while they did all the pre-flight stuff and then we were off! It was hot, so we planned it being bumpy. Elle loves it and acts like its the best rollercoaster ride ever! She puts her hands up and everything! Blynn not so much. She grips the arms and hangs on for life! :) Too funny. The girls have done this enough times that they know its going to be bumpy. Always. They expect it.
Well for our excitement (sorry there's not another word for it) a lady was sitting kitty corner from us. Her husband was sitting up one seat in front of her and she was disappointed that they weren't sitting next to each other. They would hold hands over the seat and she would lean forward and talk and stuff. But, it was pretty bumpy leaving Salt Lake. I seriously thought that we would have restart the poor lady's heart! She would tense up and you could see the tendons in her arms! She would close her eyes tight and take deep breaths! It was kind of comical to watch her chew her gum really fast and nervous like! I was really feeling sorry for her! She was having a really hard time! :) And from what I've been though (which isn't the worst out there!) this wasn't really bad. I kept thinking, poor lady you are gonna die when we get into St. George! :) Sure enough, she was freaking out. She wouldn't even let go to hang on to her husbands hand. She screamed once or twice. THEN..... when we landed, she was all eyes out the window and I heard her say that she was going to find a coconut!! WHAT?!! Did I get on the wrong plane? Where in the world are you going to find a coconut?! Haha! Funny lady. Then she leans up to her husband and kisses his hand and says, "oh first kiss in UTAH!!" Nice! Salt Lake must not have counted! I got a good laugh today. And I am probably just as big of a dork when I go any where new myself. Maybe thats what the funny part is! :)
Sorry for such a long winded story! I wish I could post the pic of a bird strike. A pelican hit the nose of a plane the other day. I couldn't believe how much damage it did! The poor bird was still stuck in the nose!