Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

First family a long time!!!


such nice people willing to move out of the way... :)

We took the girls to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. Our plan was to go to the Draper temple open house earlier this year and we didn't make it. So being the last week of this one we finally did it! It was gorgeous! The girls liked it. I tried to get some good pics. So many people around. We'll go back sometime and get some more pics. We hurried back to the airport to see if we could get on a flight. Lucky for us we got on the first one we tried! We got there around four and the flight left a short 45 minutes later. (And it was nice to be able to go swimming when we got home :)) so hot.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I don't where to start. We just got back from Alaska, couple days date, but we FINALLY made it!! It was absolutely gorgeous! I loved it. It was great to see our friends again. Its been over five years since we had seen them last. And it was so nice of them to put up with us and our adventures :) Thanks Eric and Danielle you saved our bacon!!! :)
One of our only things we wanted to do while we where there was to go fishing! I was so excited. This little last minute trip of ours was a little hoorah before I get any bigger. :) (and can't do anything..)
We went fishing on the Kenai River. It was pretty crazy figuring everything out on our own. Just the rules and regulations where frusterating! We finally found a spot and tried our luck to no avail. We talked to some friendly fisherman just down from us, and they offered some great tips :) We snagged several, but lacking the right tools we never kept any. Unfortunately, we didn't have any to send home. Huge bummer, but we plan to go back some day! Make up! We hung out and went to a movie while we were there. It was fun!
Now to the not so fun part. This makes the whole part of the trip a memory never to be forgotten. We have come to the conclusion that our flight benefits are not so great. Flying standby has its ups and downs. This time it had more downs than a (my dad would fill in something humerous here). We got pretty lucky gettin to Anchorage. But coming home is a different story.
Anchorage doesn't have a ton of flights leaving daily. 2 a day for Delta. When we scheduled, they looked great. Shouldn't have any problems. Well the first flight we didn't get out on. So the next morning we figured we should be okay. We looked online and it looked good. Nothin. we were stranded. For the next couple days. Yea. Eli had to get back to work or else he would be out of work. We were running out of options quick. Ticket prices were outrageous. We found a different airline that accepted Delta. So we tried that. More people were coming in early for the big salmon run next week. Which left us with oversold flights and no options. The gate agents gave people with lower priorities tickets over us. One pilot wouldn't wait for the agent to fill the plane. We blame that one on stupid people who won't be at the gate when their plane is scheduled to depart. They wasted so much time checking in after the plane had been loaded. I was so unbelievably frusterated after that one. We would have probably got on that one. Our friend ended up giving us air miles that allowed us to get out.
All across the board we were dumped on. Repeatedly. :)
But, we made it. We are so glad to be home.
Moral of the story, standby sucks :)

These pretty flowers where everywhere!
Storm coming in into inlet...... @ 10:30 at night. :) crazy bein daytime all the time!
Another view of the Kenai River

Eli fishing the Kenai

Some fat girl fishing the Kenai! :)

Cruise boat to Portage Glacier

Portage Glacier

Anchorage Temple

Can't wait to go back! (With tickets)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We want to tell Eli's mom and my dad HAPPY BELATED B-DAY!!!!! We love you guys!!

Wyoming in a blur

We have been in Wyo for..... last part of June and most of July. It was fun to spend time and be with the family. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone!! The pics are in no particular order, of course.
The girls and their fireworks. One of the only times I have a pic of all four looking in the same direction :) .....with no blur!
Oh, and I can't find the pics, but Blynn lost her first and second teeth!!! Finally! The permanent ones had already come through behind. She made quite the hall on those two teeth!!! :) The girls spent endless hours jumping on the tramp, swinging (whoever would push them!), swimming, and other activities! (Little side note about the swinging. A while back I was making a list of all the things I needed to get ready for a trip. Blynn saw my list and she has been a list maker ever since. So fast forward to this trip, and we find a paper on the kitchen table of Blynns. Its a list. I can't remember exactly what it said, but it had all the girls' names and activities she wanted to do. Then at the bottom was grandpa's name......pushing them on the swings :) I thought that was pretty cute. She had to nominate someone.

Blynn floating at Horseshoe Bend. :) Gotta love the brown water!

Smores one night at Bob's pit. (HAD to put this one one for Tyler's sake! Kari, please show him my awesome shot of him :) Thanks!)

The Pinata (however you spell it!!) at Eli's family reunion. It was great to see most all of his family again!!

Bob's Haka Dance he performed in the Follies. :) awesome skirt and paintings huh Bob!! :)
OH!! I almost forgot!! I came home for a doc's app mid all of this and found out what number 3 is!!! Yup....... it's another GIRL :) The girls couldn't be happier!! and we are excited too;)