Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This year we were able to go to Wyo for Christmas. We left Monday thinking we would get there late that night. Well by the time we got to Provo (3 1/2 hours away) It didn't look too promising. Roads were fine all the way to Santaquin. Then the huge storm hit us. I was driving while Eli snoozed. Three years ago I spun our surburban into a guardrail and haven't really recovered since! Insant panick attacks! So my blood instantly ran cold. The roads changed from wet to inches of slush in a second. I didn't do too bad, just turned the wheel to him! So with roads getting worse and our families worrying we made it as far as Evanston. Roads were much better the next day. And yes it was cold!!! The girls just cried Tuesday morning when we left because it was so cold! We are weak!! We made it safe and sound to enjoy a great week!

Goth child. That would be permanent black marker she found.........
Enjoying the chocolate fountain

more chocolate...............................

This would be another offense and MY toothbrush!!!! The black stuff on it? My mascara.......... Girls having a blast together

Anastyn came up to my mom and pointed to her foot and said "candy!" Her jammies are the kind with the feet in them. My mom thought she was being silly but Anastyn insisted and what do ya know? My mom unzipped em and looked at her foot. Sure enough right between her piggies was a M&M. She picked it out and ate it!!! :) she was the life of the party!
The Mayes Fam nativity

We ate tons, and had lots of fun. Christmas Eve we did the Mayes Family tradition. I couldn't believe how big it is. There were 70 + people at his parents house. We ate, (more ;) ) and opened fish pond presents.
Santa had to come early (before we left St. George) because the girls got bikes this year. They had fun with the glitter pens grama got them. They had a blast playing with Matty and Anastyn. They miss them! Our house is so boring without them.

We were planning on going ice skating in Cody, but that didn't work out so Grama took the girls to Despereoux sp? It was a cute. Different, but cute. We broke out the chocolate fountain again. It was so yummy! And we played a new game that kyle and cat got us. Partini. It was pretty funny, alot like Cranium.
Time flew by so fast while we were there. Kacee came on Sunday and we had to leave Monday. That part sucked. But she is coming this way soon!
I guess that is our little vacation in a nutshell! We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and have a great New Year!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Posts! Finally

I have posted a couple new posts finally!

BLynn's Birthday!!!

Cute dress and sweater from Grma! Finally a new scooter!!
Cute new dress! thanks grma!!

Enjoying a phone call!!

Hannah Montana!

Enjoying the park!

(Yes, the horrible mother I am hasn't posted my own first borns sixth birthday. Sigh.)

The Sixth of December was BrookLynns beloved day of the year.....she had waited for this day the whole year! I asked her to plan out her days activites and of course she wanted to go swimming (what I need to do to get it through her head that there are infact seasons and clothing that goes with them. Out of the question.) Then she decided on going to the park and bike ride, tacos for dinner, and Hannah Montana birthday cake. Our friends were going to come down the day before which was their daughters birthday. We decided to take the kids to the dollar movie Igor. Please note the movie was evil, and not kid friendly. Though it was a cartoon. K.....maybe I'm overreacting a bit. It was dumb. It was going to take the full length of the film to get better. So we left. Kids weren't that upset about it either!

BrookLynn had a great day with a ton of phone calls and presents coming in the mail! She was very excited to see that her present from Kacee came on Monday....made her birthday stretch out a bit longer! There were tears when Eli and I told her her birthday was over. Sad I know. There was a time during the day that I pondered on that day six years ago. We were numb, quite literally. My mom, Kacee, and Eli were so glad this wasn't a nightmare with no baby ever going to come. Yes, I felt the same way, but I had drugs and was well medicated. :)

When she finally made her arrival, she filled a gap that I never knew existed! This small little bundle of joy was finally here and how greatful I was to finally have her here. She was our little Punkin Nose! (Wherever in the sam this nickname came about, I don't remember! But it was our little term of endearment for her!)

I can't believe how fast the time flies and how we look forward to the next milestone in her life, and the new things she is going to do! Its sad to see how we are so focused on these things that we didn't really stop and enjoy the small things. (Yes, we will all skip the first 5 months of her life gladly. jk! The constant crying with nothing to ease it, just about killed us! :))

Now she is acting like she is fourteen going on 25. She has a tender heart. The other day we were running errands and she hopped in the car shutting the car door behind her, but not before it caught Elles head. She didn't see her getting in behind her. While I got Elle settled and calmed down, Here is Blynn crying. What the.... I asked her what was wrong and she just replied "I feel bad for hitting her head!" She's our sensitive one.

One day she came in the house and ran up to Elle and said she had something for her. She gave her a great big hug!! It was so cute! BrookLynn, we are so glad to have you in our family. We love you so much!!

Massive Catch-up

Well our Thanksgiving went well! We enjoyed going to Wyo and seeing everyone again! The weather wasn't too cold we really fared well;) I didn't take one picture. Disappointing, yes. I did take some of Jaelyn's blessing though. We ate too much food, which was expected! I came back and seriously gained some more rolls......not a good thing.

Catherine and I managed to get one project done.....the girls' tutus. They turned out so cute!

The day after my mom and sisters did try a trip to Billings. We didn't go early! If fact we didn't leave till 1pm-ish! (which is the norm :)) We had a great time! I had a blast with them and hope we do it again soon!! Eli helped his brother Isaac do his tile and set some cabinents. I did get to help do the hard part a couple of nights.....lets just say I was very sore!
On the way home we decided to go north and around to Idaho Falls to see Bobbie and Dillon. It was fun to hang out with them again! They had more good food! (Thanks for the awesome salsa by the way!!) We were almost to Salt Lake when it dawned on me that they did the lights on Temple Square! We had to stop! It was pretty chilly, and very crowded!! We wanted to go on a carrige ride, but decided to keep our $50!! Poor Elle was extremely disappointed!! It was sad. But it was very nice to come home to a clean house and our own beds!! .....but we are looking forward to going back soon!!! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Husband tag

Husband Tag!

Thanks Kara! This was a neat one!

1. Where did you meet your husband? Umm, can't really remember. Just remember growing up neighbors!! For as long as I can remember!! It started at Northwest. Institute! (funny story, My mom was on my case about calling him etc. He talked in church after he got home from his mission, and she was all over it. I was thinking he was out of my league, so do you know what I did? Asked an ex's of his, mother, in casual conversation, if she thought her daughter would date him again!!!!) I thought it was funny, not long after that we were engaged. Ya, did that sound like I was asking persmission or trying to find out???

2. How long did you date? Not very long. Started dating in May of 01, and he proposed the last day of June.

3. How long have you been married? 7 years

4. What does he do that surprises you? Nothing really surprises me. It's so his nature to do nice things for everyone! But he does do breakfast in bed, little notes on the mirror, and makes me smile when I don't want to! ;)

5. What is your favorite feature of his? Eyes!! I love his shoulders and arms! Wierd I know, but thats hot :) Too many others to name.....

6. What is his best quality? Patience and ability to touch anyone. He gets the "more challenging" students at work.

7. Does he have a nick name for you? Babe, Hottie.....ya I'm not partial to the last one.....

8. What is his favorite food? Likes all kinds, chinese, taco salad, he's definately not a picky eater! pb cookies :)

9. What is his favorite sport? Basketball

10. When and where was your first kiss? I'm thinkin it was at his house watching the Emporers New Groove ...... hahaha!!

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Watch movies together. Play softball, be outdoors, of course flying! just being with one another is awesome!

12. Do you have children? Yes, BLynn 6, Elle 4

13. Does he have hidden talents? Yes.

14. How old is he? 29!

15. Who said I love you first? That one I can't remember, It was mutual. I'm thinking it was probably him.

16. His favorite music? Does NPR count? :) haha! There's nothing wrong with that! He likes country and anything non repetative, loud, etc....

17. What do you admire most about him? How selfless he is. He is constatly doing things for others. Including us! We are his priority. He has an extreme amounts of patience (thanks Claudia, I know thats where he gets it from!!) No one works harder than he does, and he still finds time for us.....always. There isn't one day that goes by that he tells us he loves us, numerous times.......k, I have to stop there, I'm bawling :) Amazing guy. And he's mine.

18. What is his favorite color? Probably blue or green. He's kind of like me, no real preference!

19. Will he read this? Yes.

I tag Bobbie, Nina, Jem, Shayla, Nicole, Jackie, Rachel and whoever would like to do this!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dean Family pictures

I was able to get some more guinnie pigs for pics!! Yea! Meet the Dean Family! They were great and the kids were a ton of fun..... So I got a ton of candid shots (my fav!) But with goes this I've been trying to figure out several things with my camera. We had some lighting issues and I didn't see that there was a lot of motion in some pics...... still learning! But anyhow, enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008


K. So I've been workin on making some korker bows. My friend is doing a Boutique during Thanksgiving weekend and asked if I would do some bows to help fill her booth. Its been fun. Kind of stress relieving in a small way too. My kitchen table is out of comission and has been for the last couple days, but oh well! I probably will do some more crafts before we leave for Wyo!!! Yeah! So excited!! We might freeze, but at least it will be fun! Right?! So anyhow, heres a little peek.......FYI if they all don't sell, I will try to sell them on here so keep your eyes peeled! :)
Oh and another little side note...... Yesterday. (I will pretend that whoever reads this is on the edge of their seats waiting to find out how yesterday went.)
I was dreading choir yesterday.
I think I let this fellow get to me, hurt my pride or feelings whatever you want to call it...... so I really didn't even want to go. (plus the fact that yet again I hadn't found a piano this week.......) I was feeling extremely guilty for the choirister though. Stressful for her, yes. Also I told the accompianist that I would fill in for her. Anyhow, I just decided to pray for much needed love and get our butts to church. I was of course lolligagging around and we would be a couple minutes late. They had already started, and to my delight someone else was playing. The sister who had laughed at me the week previous :)..... so I sat down and joined the choir singing...... I could tell she was sweating bullets and extremely uncomfortable. I'm so mean!! I think she got a taste of what I felt last week. I did get back up and relieved her. It was fine. Mean brother in the back didn't say anything :). Thanks! I got through it and proceeded to take the girls to the potty, drinks etc before the meeting started. I felt good. I forgave the poor guy who didn't even know I was offended or hurt.
As I was just about to our seat, here comes the same sister who filled in for me. She didn't look so hot. I didn't see her husband and she plays the organ for sacrament meeting...... you getting my drift......I thought at first she needed help with her little girl then she tells me she is going HOME...... and gives me the look of will you fill in for me!!!! Yes, I started to sweat major bullets. It so came full circle to bite me in the hiney. I haven't touched the organ since my first encounter with it. Plus side, I knew all the hymns we were going to sing. Down side.....couldn't remember jack .....all those buttons......hmmmm. I started praying for some major help. There was only a couple minutes left to play some prelude. I was trying to remember, presssing some stops, accidently pushed a button and the volume sky rocketed, I was hitting some wrong notes.....sigh............... Holy cow. I just laughed. Embarrassed as I was, I couldn't do anything about it. I just tried to get through it. :) I did. Glad to get to class and not have a lesson, I notice there was no piano player in Primary. I played. That was a joy. It felt like home.
I did ask my partner who teaches with me, "you do have the lesson right!!??"
I don't like surprises....... at least not at church! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Accident-prone child, Mr. Mayes home, Sunday......

Doesn't look like much does it? I guess when they act like they are on the verge of dying!! I tend to react a bit differently......hope I'm not the only mother out there that tends to over-react!!!!

Catching everyone back up to speed.....on Thursday, I was walking Elle into class. I usually just drop her off out front and go. But, anywho, the path is gravel and has cement stepping stones in the middle of the path. She was running and her toe grabbed the last stone and she went down. HARD. She hit her jaw on the cement step. At first it looked like she hit her neck. With plenty of tears, her teacher took her inside and put a band-aid on it. So I left. Long story short, she was in a lot of pain. She could talk fine, so I knew it wasn't broken and I asked the doctors ass. if it should be looked at. Of course they made a appointment and got her in right away. Sigh..... so with bread in the oven baking (yes it was a first) Eli to be landing in less than 45 min. We hurried to the hospital. (Thats where her pediatrician is) He thinks its okay but wants an x-ray just to make sure....bigger sigh......Eli already touched down and is waiting. And I am seriously stressing out because I don't think she is going to do so hot. I told her what it would be like.....(to this day she has already had a CT scan, couple other x-rays, etc) same old story. Disaster, drama, coaxing, forcing, Bribing, you name it. Somehow we got her on the little platform and she is moving while they do this, so I know that we will need another one. Sheesh. Yep, one more. She calmly steps up on the platform and holds still. Good, we are done and are able to go get Eli. (note* x-ray was fine. obviously.)
**another note** the following night, she was playing on the bar chair in the kitchen, with her loving sister pushing it in circles when crash!!! Yep she landed on the back of her head......bloody nose. Till the next accident..........
So its been great having Mr. Mayes back with us! Can't tell you how wonderful it is. (his student is here too......) I am a very happy woman!! not that his student is staying with us! With Eli being home......
K, Sunday was going to be a busy day. I had sharing time, a lesson for our class, and piano solo in sacrament meeting. Oh and a biggy.....accompany for choir which I totally forgot. Stress for me. Oh and another thing, Elle had a talk. When it rains, it pours!!! :) So i try to find a paino piece for me. I usually wouldn't have a hard time with this, but of course its proving otherwise. Can't find one that fits. I thought I found one, called the bulliten person. Then changed my mind. Got the lesson prepared, figured out sharing time and got the things I needed for it done. Got Elle's talk prepared, and spent some much needed time with Mr. Mayes! My favorite. (and totally forgot about choir) Oh sheesh..... I get stressed pretty easy. Don't know why, but I do lately. Sucks. Get to church and ask another lady who has accompanied for choir already, if she wants to help me out. She laughs. yes, she laughed at me. So i did my best. Sightreading with four freakin sharps, I did my best. Was it good enough? I thought it was okay. Nope, one kind gentleman in the back row keeps belting out G SHARP!!! we were working on this particular section, so we were going over it multiple times. Again....G SHARP!!! I've already checked and re-checked my self to make sure i was playing it right. Ya, this time I was right. (I let everyone know when I got there that it would be pretty rough, obviously this gentleman didn't care) One last time G SHARP!!!!! Um sir, Would you please be kind enough to come show me what a g-sharp is? Great. Oh, that one!! GREAT! CUZ THATS WHAT I"VE BEEN PLAYING!!!!! K, I really didn't say that.... I was too busy blinking back the wall of tears ready to explode forth from my eyes. I very nicely told him that I was playing a sharp. Blink, blink, blink, blink, is it hot in here!! :) Boy was I sure glad when it was over!! (note to self.....I don't think i will forget to practice this week!! Yes, one more week of this) Oh! Even better, Eli was in choir and heard this guy. He was ready to get up and leave. :) sweet. He knew I was dyin down there!!! The rest of the day went okay. We did a puppet show for our sharing time. The kids seemed to like it!! I was super happy to get home and eat my yummy roast and mashed potatoes!!! Oh and Elle did so good on her talk. She sang I Am a Child of God. And did fabulous. She didn't even wait for me to play the paino!!! It was so heart warming! She even had the small speaking part memorized.....just wonderful!!