Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Getaway....and what a fabulous day it was!

For quite some time we have been trying to plan day getaways. Go somewhere during the day a jet back home! Try new places, food, and see new things! So finally we made it happen!!

Wow, Yesterday was certainly a very long day.....but it went by so fast! The biggest regret I have is not taking my camera!! I wasn't sure what we were going to do and lugging my huge camera around didn't sound like fun. Oh I regret it. This was a hubby and I getaway without the kiddies.

Day starts out at 3am.
4am- Drive to airport
6am- Fly out
7:25am- Land in SLC
7:45am- Enjoy a Caramel Pecan Cinnabon. It was so yummy!! :)
8:30am- Depart SLC to San Diego. I was excited because I didn't have to fly on a Brazie! :)
9:30am- Land in San Diego!! It was so beautiful!! The weather couldn't have been better! We officially begin the day!

Flying was stress free, childless and pretty relaxing!
We ended up going down to Coronado first. Its a little island. The bridge going out there is pretty cool. The island is pretty nice. Its clean and the "vibe" is pretty cool. Eli said that if any panhandlers come out they are personally escorted back! We went to the beach. It was clean and the sand was amazing. It has a lot of black color in it, but it had gold shiny flecks in it. Seriously looked like glitter! We found some shells for the girls and i found my sand dollars!
We also went to Point Loma Lighthouse. Funny part, we had a navigation "dealio" in the car, but we still didn't run it right and spent a little time turning around a lot, and backtracking.. those of you who know us, know thats common no matter where we are!!
We finally found it (Lighthouse) and it had an amazing view!! We even saw a submarine leaving the bay, that was pretty cool since we've never seen one in real life :) The Rosecrans AF base was right there. The huge navy ships in the harbor were awesome! We checked out the tidepools and headed to go get lunch! I was pretty excited. Yeah, I love food. That's all there is to it! LOL!
We decided on the Cheesecake factory. It was pretty dang good! I had a huge loaded burrito. It was over a foot long! Needless to say, I didn't need dinner that night, and it made a good lunch today! Eli had a mushroom burger. We shared a piece of White chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake. Yum! I think all I really needed was some good food! I thought a pedicure before we left would really top off the day! So by force, Eli and I both enjoyed (for the most part) one. Poor Eli's feet are down the epidermis layer. (Or whatever the most inside layer of skin is!) The lady acted like she had a sand blaster, and went to town on his feet:)
That was our day! It was wonderful! When we left, the sun was just going down. Perfect pictures.... in my mind. The sunset was so cool. The colors were very intense! It just got better as we flew above the city. Looking down on the city was pretty cool too. It wasn't like SLC or some other cities we've flown over. Despite being so huge, the streets aren't straight, very curvy, spreading out everywhere. The interstates and main roads looked like a gold stream flowing through. I could go on and on! I had an amazing day with my hubby. It couldn't have happened with out Claudia and Lafonda's help watching the littles!! THANKS so MUCH!! We love you guys and owe ya!!
I'm pretty greatful that Eli's job allows us to get on a plane whenever we want and go pretty much where ever! We are planning our next adventure already!