Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She did it!

She rolled over from her tummy to her back. I wasn't expecting that!!! I layed her on the floor and was playin with her and decided to do some tummy time. Moved back and she rolls over. Yesterday was her 4 month check up and immunizations. (poor thing!!) Her doc asked what she was doing and all the fun questions like does she giggle yet? Sleep through the night (HA!!! My kids don't grasp that concept) So tonight she surprised us by rolling over. Its going to fly by from here.
She weighed 14 lbs and was 25 in. long!
She isn't a big fan of her rice cereal....going to try the oatmeal and see if thats any better!
She is a sweetheart and is loved a lot around here!!

Thinking of a title.....

Sunday evening started out like this.....nice and quiet activity. We all colored and was havin fun....of course that never lasts very long around here (especially as of late....) She is trying really hard to roll over. That dang arm is just in her way!!
See? Turned into Kung-Fu....fighting karate mixture. Pretty entertaining.. Even better since there wasn't any tears from "rough-housing"

Which changed very quickly into a round of some cha-cha. Goof balls....

Then I'm more flexible and can do this. Can you? Here let ME help!!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little bit of everything....

Ava ate cereal tonight! We did try last week, with not much luck. She wasn't sure what to do. But we decided to go for it again tonight and she picked right up on it and ate a couple tablespoons worth!

Dirty face! Rice cereal is horrible....it gets everywhere!
Chillin in her plane jammies!

Sister E playing "airplane" with her.


I caught them like this the other day. So funny. They love the tub. Anytime we will let them they are in it! Eli told them that they could wash off their stinky feet. :) great fun huh!


For my b-day we went bowling. That was the activity the girls picked out for me to do. We had a blast!! The girls loved it and have been begging to go again! Ava did great too so it made it that much better! We woke up that morning and the girls and Eli did breakfast in bed for me. I bathed Ava while they got it ready then jumped back into bed :) They did eggs and toast, and crepes. Blynn brought it in and my crepe had a nice bite out of one end. I got a kick out of that! Eli even did fresh squeezed OJ.
After breakfast the girls brought in their presents for me. They were so excited....to give me one of their books, a basket, snowglobe, and homemade cards. I loved it and it was great. They would have given me the world if they could have! I love them so much!
Later that afternoon after league was done we went bowling. They loved it. Elle was so funny to watch. A heavy ball, lack of positioning, and other things, made it very entertaining! (remind me to blog about watching her jump rope. THAT was the BEST!!) Blynn had a great time even though she wasn't winning. It was pretty hard considering she does pretty dang good on the Wii! :) They even let me win. I guttered my first two balls.
Then I was able to enjoy a sweet date with my hubby. We went out to dinner child-less. It was heaven. Nobody screaming that they didn't and wouldn't eat what I was makin (Elle) and adult conversation. We even enjoyed a movie afterwards.. Thanks to the Barnes' who endured our grouchy baby and rambunctious kids!! THANK YOU!!
Thanks to everyone who called and did messages on facebook. It made my day! Here's to enjoying my last year in the twenties........ ouch. i'm getting up there.

Sorry so blurry....


Sunday I had had enough of some attitude that the girls were dishing out. They had pushed every button and I was done. So I sent them to the "corner". (please don't mind the laundry, it is cleaned. or the mess...) They were like this for quite a while.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Four months!

We accomplished her hand mold the other day. Turned out better than the other two! :)
After bath this morning.... (She gets excited when she hears her bath water!)

She always has her feet like this. So cute. They are still teeny. Socks and shoes fall right off.
I can't believe it! Time is flyin by! Ava is getting so big! Sorry these are the only pics I have of her so far. She doesn't go in for her four month check up until next week. So I still don't have any stats :) Some things she is doing.....
* trying to get her two bottom teeth in. (which means tons of drool! she hasn't been a drooler as of late so this getting her clothes soaked is crazy!)
* she still is trying to get over her nasty cough from a couple weeks ago!!!
* She is reaching for her toys now instead of just looking at them!
* She still loves to talk and coo.
* She will smile at anyone
* She is VERY ticklish!!
* She does cat naps. and still doesn't have the best sleeping habits. (B and E never had good sleeping habits) I was so excited the other night when she went down at 7pm and it was a little after midnight when I finally went to bed. I was thinking she would wake up any minute..... and she did just that about five minutes AFTER I crawled into bed! Of course.... :)
* She loves her sisters. Elle sat in her crib the other day for a minute while I was trying to get something done and she got Ava to go to sleep. I loved that. Her big sisters are such big helpers!
* Sometimes Ava will "talk" or "hum" herself to sleep. Its pretty cute. She still FIGHTS going to sleep.
* She wears size two diapers and wears some three month all the way to six month clothes.
* She can throw a temper tantrum quite well already. I think I'm going to buy stock in Midol.......

Dr. Suess week

Yes its that time of year again. Celebration of Dr. Suess week at school. The only pic I managed to get was of Crazy hair day. I was stressed trying to figure out something fun and crazy. I found a fun pic online, but she doesn't have enough hair and I didn't have any fudge time to figure it out. So morning of, this is what we came up with. Thank you wiffle balls. :) You saved my bacon. She was really looking forward to it!
I was just about to send her out the door when my neighbors knocked. She needed me to watch her little girl until she went to school at noon, OH and do her hair for crazy hair day. No creative juices flowing. She just had perfect hair for ratting. The end effect was similar to a trolls hair. With multi colors too!
Blynn loved the crazy socks, wearing green, and jammies day too. :) (Does wyoming celebrate this?)