Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Confirmed. We lead a crazy life.

E and I have been discussing getting a different vehicle. But keep coming to the conclusion that we really like not having a vehicle payment!! So we kept milkin the van. :) This last week I had some excitement with my van. It just wanted to stop working. I begged and pleaded, and cried and said loving words :) for it to come back to life. It was refusing profusely!! E was gone to work. I did manage to revive and milk it long enough to pick up B from activity days. Total frustration. But I have a loving father-in-law who got up extra early one morning and fixed his truck so I was set for a vehicle:) I SO appreciated it!! It made me feel pretty loved!
I was planning on a long quiet weekend at home. It was chilly and another batch of snow, made it even more inviting to stay put........ BUT anyone knows us, knows that can change in a blink of an eye! Sure enough E told me to bring the kids down to SLC for the weekend. I did say No. Promise. Actually I said no lots of times. BUT... After much persuation and begging.... Eli convinced me to fly down to Salt Lake.
I had been searching for new vans. (I know I totally just threw ya off with that comment! :) goes with the story I promise!) We needed something reliable, for when E is gone. And something that the heater worked in!! Yeah thats no fun in sub zero temperatures! I wanted to give up. Couldn't find anything. It was definately not going to happen anytime soon!! But it kept bugging me, so I would look more. Repeated this tons of times. Deep down we both wanted another surburban. But with as much traveling as we've been doing, we need something that would have better gas mileage. Sigh. So I studied and searched about the Honda Odyssey. Rave reviews, and they go and go and go! They are SO pricey. So before I packed up, I looked one more time. I found one that could possibly work!! I was stunned. I hurried and called E. Told him to call the guy and see if they still had it. (Yeah thats right....I hate makin phone calls too)
E called back and said they did.
So after a quick batch of laundry and clean up, we were off.....yet again. Flight was ok, kids were ok, so I thought we were good! When we made it to SL we went to go look at this van. I was pumped. It looked great. The place it was at Looked ..well a little dumpish? So we test drove it. First thing, a little light came on. Same one that always comes on in Claudia's van. Tire sensor. Then the gas light came on:) Ya, we couldn't go far:) Everything else was awesome! We filled the tire up and the light went off. Thats always good! So E talked to the guy, found out he is just like our friend in St G. Buys at auction and sells. He showed us reciepts for how much he got em for paid etc. Good guy, would totally send other people to him.
So..we proceeded with our weekend. Plan was come back following week and get the van.
We had a great weekend. It snowed down there while we were there. I was insta-peeved! LOL. I'm so tired of the snow!! We took the girls to Gnomeo and Juliet. It was pretty cute. Then come Sunday night the van subject came back up. E proceeded to tell me that the guy told him we could take it sooner! I was surprised. We were going to do financing with our bank at home. Tempting. Should we take it now? We were checking on our flight back to Wy and there was no way we were going to get on. Sign? E called on it first thing Mon morning. The guy totally was going to fix the tire and get it ready. Wow! K! We hurried to get going so we would make home at a good hour:) What a process. Taking the van with no financing, getting insurance on it... then we would have to drive 20 min farther north to get a tag. The sales guy even cut us a check for new tires and part of tax title etc. (good thing about utah, they include all that in loans) Then take E's car back to SL and head home!! Lets just say it was after 2pm before we left:) It was going to be a long night! Oh and to top it off....the sales guy had a partner who sold "our" van to someone else. Ya, that was crazy! The other guy was really P.O'ed I guess!
I was driving so E could get some sleep. We were almost to Evanston and that same tire light came on. I couldn't believe it! I wanted to panic, cuz the tire could very well blow out. I tried to wake E up but poor guy was out cold! I did stop and we were able to get four new tires. And it was at the tire shop that we found out that south pass was closed. We asked which way the wrestling team went the previous weekend when it was closed and off we went....again!! I couldn't believe the amout of deer we saw. It was by the masses!! It was ridiculous! I managed not to hit any! :) The roads were nasty in several places. Snow and ice packed for miles. I will ever be greatful for our snow we received here. The amount down on that end of the state was crazy. It was measured by feet not inches. It was taller than peoples fences! Along the roads it was taller than the van...you couldn't read road signs!! They were covered up. Not a good thing when you don't know where your going!! Ya, I'm fine with the amount here! Now I know how much worse it can get! We finally made it home at 2:30am.
Unfortunately, the next morning we all had dental appointments! This time we gave E a drink to kind of sedate her. It worked like a charm! She was playing in the play area after she took it. A little while after not seeing any results E asked if she was feeling tired yet. She replied, "Nope! Dad I'm feeling fine...." She fell over and was pretty much out!! She did great! B's dentist wasn't there and the other one that looked at her decided not to take the ramps off. That was pretty disheartning! her dentist said it would take two or three days to move that tooth. It looked like it has done the job, but the other dentist said wait longer. What ever!
This was pretty long, and i've probably not made much sense. I know I've forgotten lots of things I was going to say....but I think this will help me remember this little trip! LOl!