Friday, February 27, 2009

Some of their favorites.....

Sorry these are backwards... after the park we took the girls to Fiesta Fun. They couldn't soak everything up quick enough!! We just stayed and played the arcade games and played in the fun area. They keep asking when we can go back! I'm glad they had fun. This is their new "favorite" place. But nothing is quite like the park..... :)

This week Blynn had SEP's. She is doing pretty good. I can't believe that she is learning how to read already!! That's crazy!! She is struggling in one or two areas, but she is about where she needs to be! During SEP's the girls' schedules were almost the same. So yesterday we decided to do some fun stuff. We picked them up and headed to the park for a picnic. Here are a couple of things they love to do! "The Pole" BrookLynn has loved sliding down the pole ever since we showed her how. She felt so "big". But her favorite thing is definately the "Monkey Bars". Hands down. At first she had to have help....for confidence purposes :) (side note*they are very tall. I'm not much help cuz I'm too short) Now she rips across them. It always amazes me how kids love to do the same thing over and over. It never gets old. So repetative!!

Her Bike. She zips around the cul-de-sac on it and loves it. I think its a close tie between the bike and her scooter.

Elle will follow her sister wherever she goes.....until of course she feels intimidated :) She is pretty reserved most of the time. I love her smile. It makes my day when she smiles. She loves to be carried still!! ARGGH!! We try to make her walk and stuff, but it totally has to be her idea! She is way to big to carry! She will run around outsite (and in if I let her) and ride around the cul-de-sac on her bike or scooter. And she doesn't complain, but if we go to wal-mart or anywhere like that.....she heads right to the carts and gets in. Sigh.....

I was amazed she stopped long enough for me to take a couple of snapshots :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Perkins Fam

I got to take some more pics! Yea! This one of Eli's friends from NPA. He is also a pilot. You might recognize little Kye. In all of my non-attentiveness, if thats a word, I spaced the fact the sun does not set at the same time year round. So I'm still on winter times, where it was setting earlier. So as you can tell I had major shadows. So I might to do some retakes. Kye was really fussy, he must have remembered when I shot his last pics in the buff. He didn't like it one bit. Thanks Gina for letting me shoot your fam!! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

I had to laugh.......and so will you.

Sundays are bit more stressful for me. My new calling is trying to maintain 40+ children 7 and under for a space time......all the while trying to teach them new songs. (thats just the jr primary) Yep, I'm the new primary chorister. (oh the wonderful days of just sitting behind the piano.....watching other choiristers go out of their minds!!!!) My turn.

I snoozed no more than 5 min on Sunday. Did the rushing to get ready....haha even though I had got everything ready Sat night!!!

So needless to say we were late.

We get to church and what do you know?.....not one parking space. Seriously. Crap. I parked next to the curb where no one should park for fear they would get hit. Mr. Mayes would have DIED!! So rushing in, we get in to open seats!!!! It was packed!! A chair here and thats about it. This is the overflow too folks. You know, chairs clear in the back of the basketball court. The hard chairs and extremely noisy hard floors back. Oh yea. We did manage to squeeze in. So sacrament meeting was good.....what I heard of it. This new ward is crazy. The number of children make it so noisy. Not to mention, makes my new calling all the more FUN.

So during the closing song the girls and i sneek out cuz I needed to grab my stuff from the car. (I made a funny hat. I would have posted a pic of myself wearing it, but refrained.) Oh, by the way I was glad to see that four other cars parked right along with me! So the girls jetted ahead of me and up the stairs to go back in the building. I'm tagging behind and the second I stepped up on the curb I Phoebe Buffayed it right back DOWN!!! Pumps do NOTHING for me. Holy crap!!! I jumped back up as soon as I could. I immediately started scanning to see if anyone got to witness this! I was dying!! My girls both were standing there staring at me. Just their expressions alone......ha!

I was afraid to see how bad the knee injury was. I couldn't feel any blood dripping down my leg, so I thought it would be okay. Just about the beet redness in my face was bad enough.

I managed to get through Jr. Primary but must have been tired, cuz during Sr. primary.....yah I'm horrible. you would have thought that I just learned to walk or something!! I was walking toward the piano (picture this, piano is on the front left side of the room. All the chairs filled with children) I stepped on something!!! (k, there was really nothing there) I did the little broken ankle dance. Where your whole body shifts and arms are extended out on both sides.....flayling around and you look like you are trying to do some dance move. All this while you are trying to save yourself from eating front of 40+ children 8 and above!!!!

I saved myself from eating the freakin piano. Yeah. It was that good.

So today while trying to organize the multi thousands of pics on my computer (thats serious) I was up and down off the couch. Whenever I sat back down, I felt this funny pull on the side of calf. On the outside. Kind of like you sprain your ankle pain. Yeah, even better! A nice reminder of what a klutz I am.

next week......i'm not wearing shoes to church.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Party

Wow. It got pretty busy these last couple of days. Mainly because of my procrastination, um ya. All because it. Elle's party was on Thursday. We made cupcakes, cookies, valentines, boxes, and got oobers of goodies to decorate them all. Today was Blynns party and I was in charge of decorating cookies. With who knows how many tubs of frosting, two bottles of deco-icing, 20 plus bottles of sprinkles and other parafanelia sp?, we decorated. We made messes and it made me gag! Trying to supervise these kids was fun, but it looked like some super candy monster threw up on most of the cookies. No joke, I seriously just about lost it watching the kids actually EAT them. *shiver* My daughter being one of the accused, was probably one of the worst cases. Another mother there told Blynn if she ate all her cookie she would give her a dollar!! This is about how it went. Regular frosting, caked none the less. Numerous piles of sprinkles of all types. One bright red layer of deco icing. Some gooey candies, and more frosting. etc. etc. etc. This went on for who knows how many layers!! In my mind it was a race of addiction. In the short amount of time they had, they were to put on as much frosting, sprinkles etc as the poor little cookie under-knee-sir (mom that was for you!!) would permit.

I'm so glad they all had fun. (It was even funner to watch these kids take some bites and through their masterpieces away!!!)

Happy Valentines Day everyone :) Here's a little sampling of the goods. (you know on Horton Hears a Who, the part where the little girl says "mine likes to eat rainbows and poop butterflies". Ya, I'm thinking there is gonna be a lot of little kids out there pooping bright red, get my drift)
I was really glad when she dumped hers in the trash!

Elle got to go join in on the fun too :)

This one looks like the monster took a little dump.

Happy Valentines Day!!!
ps-mom, mom, and grama. your valentines are going to be late again this year. sorry.

Beautiful Brinleigh

Here is Brinleigh at 6 months! She is gorgeous! She was so much fun take pics of. I was so excited to try out my new lens! Couldn't have had a better candidate huh!! She has so many funny faces it was so hard to just choose a couple! I just wish my own girls would let me take their pics! I get the camera out and they are gone!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some pics

Some pics of our trip to wyo. Silly girls!! Mine that is.

Their first black and white :) it was so good!!!

Look for more pics. Blogger was being stupid. Couldn't download anymore.......

Playin Catch-up and GREAT NEWS!!!

Wow. I don't even know where to start! It feels like things have been crazy around here and we are constantly running from here to there and back again. But then I look back and think, nothing is getting done, and I don't know what I have been doing!!

Eli and I have been working on a friends four-wheeler. It was completely out of commision. We took it all apart and found that a valve was the cause. Yes you heard me right. I have been helping. I even changed the oil, and the oil filter. Nice!! Its been fun. Runs like a champ! (Now if I can get it out of the garage so we can park in it!!

We took a quick trip to Wyo last week. It was fun to fly up. We brought back Eli's parents old van to use. I AM A MINI-VAN MOM!!!!! AAAAHHH!!! PLEASE SAY IT ISN"T SO!!!! (I swore up and down to my dear loving husband that I would NEVER, repeat, NEVER drive a mini-van!! I think i'm going to gag!! on my own words.......) Yes, I am driving a mini van. And love it. *cough* Its so roomy. And I'm going to leave it at that. before I through up.

Anywho, it was fun to chill with the fam again. We drank WAY to much pop and played some card game. Thats right, its time to think of a new game. 9's is gettin pretty old!! :) (Kari knows my mind is leaving me. I'm trying to remember what all we did while we where there)

It was very nice to go see granpa and grama great! (by the way grama, when we were leaving I noticed the chair in the entry way. The little pink-ish, spinning one. LOVE it :) Yes I'm sure its been around forever, but I love it) Eli tried to help grandpa get the van running a bit. Stupid transmissions anyway....

Catherine and I did get A calendar page done! Wha-hoo!! And we went to the cry a bit. Marley & Me was a cute and sad show. I still liked it. I honest to Pete thought I wouldn't have to wait in LINE at the movies for as long as we Lovell?? Yeah.

So other than that......Now for the GREAT NEWS!!!!! Its official!!! Eli starts with Skywest tomarrow!!! WHA-HOO!!! I'm excited. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. May it be small, it WILL get bigger!! Oh the many perks with working with such a good company!! Can we say FLIGHT BENEFITS?? We have been talking about it, and once things get going, we want to teach the girls about some cities in the US and then take them there! Like a super mini vacation! It will be fun! It would be heavenly if we are able to make the 2012 PARIS!!!!!

Elle is fighting a another ear infection. Its amazing how long she went with no sicknesses. We gave her the flu mist in October -ish. And it has worked so well. Nothing until now. She seems to be the one who catches everything!!!

Blynn is still going strong in school. Its been fun and (stressful) to watch her learn how to read. She likes to look at the pictures and guess what words are. But she has been doing better!! Its amazing how fast she is growing up!!

Oh and another thing......I got a new lens. It has been fun playing with it and getting some better quality pics with it! I love it!! I took Brinleighs 6 month pics the other day. All I can say is she is gorgeous!!! I'll post the pics here in a bit. Other than that, this is what is going on in our little nutshell!!:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

7 Things

7 things I can do:

1. play piano
2. make people laugh...... at me. When I'm not trying. :)
3. eat. lots.
4. design web pages
5. draw....
6. take pics
7. procrastinate

7 things I can't do:

1. Cook very well.
2. fly a plane.....yet.
3. remember
4. can't get enough of my girls' drawings. there are thousands! no joke!
5. walk in anything other than flip flops.....and i still have problems
6. play violin
7. speak another language.

7 things I say often:

1. I love you
2. Will you just mind?!
3. Are you kidding me?
4. What.
5. No.
6. Your funny
7. gall!

7 things I love about Eli:

1. He treats me like a queen
2. Includes me in everything he does.
3. The massages "just because!"
4. He is simply AMAZING
5. He is unbeliveablly great with our girls! They love him SO much!! He is their BFF
6. He will do whatever it takes to provide for our family, oh the sacrifices!
7. He makes me laugh all the time. (even when I don't want to)

7 favorite foods:

1. mexican....anything with cilantro
2. Dr.Pepper/pepsi
3. that a food?
4. fruit
5. chicken
6. prime rib
7. broccoli

7 people I tag:
1. Catherine
2. Mandi
3. Rachael
4. Lauri
5. Heather
6. Aubrey
7. Whoever else would like to do this!