Monday, June 30, 2008

Wyoming, Idaho and more!

We were able to go to Grammies funeral on the 18th. Our plans always change. Last minute we decided to go on the 16th. So we got there the 17th. That night we visited with family. Claudia said that 4 baby kittens were dropped off at her house. BrookLynn loved them!! Anyhow we decided to take them out to my parents house and feed them for the night. The next day was very busy....we had a family breakfast, a kids activity(since all the grandkids were there) and then the practice before the funeral. On our way down to Claudias that morning we decided to drop the kittens of at the corner by Claudias house. (SHE DOES NOT WANT THEM!!) We figured that they probably find their way back to the house or find a new one!! BLynn wouldn't let go of one so we ended up dropping off of 3 of them. We were visiting when BLynn came in and said..."Dad, that cop is talking about the kittens". We looked at each other and said you've got to be kidding me! We went out side and sure of Lovell's finest cops. Several family members were outside getting ready to leave for the funeral. Claudia was trying to talk to him and when we walked up and he asked Eli if the red car was his. Yes it was and he was extremely high on his horse the way he was speaking to Eli. Then he proceeds to tell Eli that someone said that we "threw kittens from the car window". You've got to be kidding! ya. the neighbor children said that we threw these poor kitties from the car window. Sometimes there are blessings disguised. OUR WINDOWS DON'T EVEN WORK!!!!! I've bugged Eli forever to fix them....nothing is funner that pulling to a drive through or bank and having to open the door!! haha! (thanks Eli and Lloyd for fixing them!) Welcome to Lovell!!!! Enough said.......
After a lengthy stay we headed back home. We decided to go through Yellowstone. We thought that would be fun. The girls loved it! We saw animals and Old Faithful. Then we stopped at out friends house in Idaho Falls and spent the rest of the weekend with them. Quite fun! We fed the ducks at the Falls, swam in the hot tub, lit fireworks, and won $150.00 in a tail-gate cook-off!! haha! that was halarious!! (We met the Stucki's in St. George. they moved back to their hometown. Some of thier friends there in IF are the Jeides....from Powell! Anyhow Small world!!) Cory called our friend Friday night and asked if she wanted to enter the cookoff. We said we would to do it. Bobbie had an idea for inside-out burgers....which she had never made....neither had i. So that next morning we rushed to the store and grabbed a couple of things and made the burgers and won 2nd place........out of three!! haha! I loved it! The burgers turned out great! great fun. Look for our pic and recipe in next months issue of Idaho Falls Magazine!! We made it home Sunday evening to find out the the A/C stopped was only 90 degrees inside the house!!! little on the warm side!! great to be home.....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Our dear sweet grammie passed away last night. We were greatful that we were able to spend some time with her for a couple days this last week. I can't believe how happy she must be right now! We love ya grammie!