Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! We were excited to finally come over to Grama Great's Chili dinner! Grama always makes chili (and tons of other soups) for Halloween. I was so glad to get monster cookies :) those have always been a favorite! Thanks a ton Grama!! It was fabulous, we love you!!

Our little witch

Refuses the hat

It was fun to get some snapshots of the littlest littles :) They were so funny... can you see their personalities?!

Hands in mouth..... check.

All three looking at the camera? Really? That never happens!!

All smiles

Cutest little frankenstien i've ever seen!

Cute little sweet pea!

Even seranated by Hannah Montana! It was pretty cute. B & E went with Grama Marla to Cody. They were going to go Trick or Treating with her up there. They were so excited. Ended up only Lovell was doing the Tor T on saturday night! Too funny, she said that people would answer and say, "just a minute.....let me go get something!" They were spoiled rotten. Thanks Grama!! Ava and I chilled in Lovell :) We tried to get some sleep, but for some odd reason Ava doesn't think she needs any sleep!!! Some nights are defiantely better than others, but we've tried several things. (feeding her right before, etc.) any ideas are greatly appreciated! LOL

Monday, October 11, 2010

K-Bob :)

Here is a sneak peek for Bob's senior pics. :) I couldn't decide which ones to put on.... only 64 to choose from! :)
I can't believe my big little brother is going to graduate already!!

My fav! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh where do I start?

I guess its a quick post to try and catch up? I've been busy....and never feel like posting! I feel so bad that its been so long! So many things have gone by with no mention, and I will forget some too. :( The girls started school. I wanted to do a dinner and fun stuff for them....but the schedule was so full (I can't remember exactly what it was that was going on now) and I procrastinated I'm sure of it!
Eli and I celebrated our ninth year of marriage. I didn't even do a mushy post about him! :)
Very sleepy looking bunch!! They were used to sleeping!

First year of school!! Kindergarten!! I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to her door, and do know what her reply was? "No mom, we're good!" Oh tear!! Ya I fought those tears on my way home!! Totally taken off guard by that!
Another funny thing she said today. I told the girls they had to clean their room if they wanted to have any play dates. Elle was really dragging her feet and I asked her several times to get in her room and get it done. She finally told me (as she was layin on the couch) "We don't get naps at school mom. I'm tired!!"

Ava "helping" remodel the kitchen with dad

Elle turned six on the 10th of September. She had a blast. The whole family was there and she got some fun stuff. She loves her new cowgirl boots!! She goes out to feed our horses with Eli and it makes her day when she gets to ride them!! Ava even had her fist horsey ride on the 14th. She got excited and did a little hyperventalating laugh. It was pretty cute!

E passing out her pink cookies to her class

And most recently... We got Tyler and Kari married!! It was fun (and a bit stressful *cough* at times) lol. And i'm going to cry if no one got any pictures of reception etc, it was so stinkin busy we couldn't even get a break until it was time to take down!! Congrats "Kiwi" & Tylah!! We love you guys, and wish you the best of luck!!

Isn't she gorgeous?! :)
A bit about Ava since we've neglected so long! She took her first steps on the 25th (Sept). I couldn't believe it! She is walking longer distances...its pretty cute. She has quite the personality already! She knows what she wants!! I want to cry cuz she turns a year next month... I don't know where time has gone!!! She does not sleep worth poo. Up several times a night.... I wish I new why. She's pretty restless, and grouchy acting. Its weird. And very annoying after a night...going on what, ....two months!!! She was only waking up once around 5am. Don't know what happened! :) But we couldn't love her more. She is a lot of fun and pretty funny.