Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New place, bike and long blog!!

Okay we are all moved!! Finally! We were supposed to move last weekend. Through a series of events it all changed to Monday or Tuesday. Fine. I’ll tell you from the very beginning…. I really dislike moving!!! A LOT!
The lady said we could move some stuff in the garage Tuesday night. So Eli and I loaded some crap up and took it out to the new place. The door that was supposed to be unlocked wasn't. Long story short, we finally moved everything in Wednesday. Its a great little neighborhood. Its a cul de sac with about 50 + kids. No freakin joke. They are everywhere.....comin’ out of the wood work I'll tell ya what. The girls were so excited!! Not only to see all the kids but to finally get bikes and toys out of storage. It was pretty crazy moving in. Kids running around everywhere, in my house, garage you name it. We have the only sandbox in the cul de sac and everyone knows it!! AHHHH!!! I was feeling pretty anxious..... nice to meet you, I'm the new crazy lady!! They would knock on the door, or their preference.....the stupid doorbell!!! I hate that thing!! Time for that to be disconnected!!
Everyone was outside or hanging out in their own garages....watching me unload all my crap. Eli helped unload everything but had to work so I was trying to put everything where it went. I came back with another load in the pickup. My nerves where so shot. Trying not to run over any children.... I was backing up and this kid (had to 8-10 yrs old!) made eye contact with me and I was backing up and he starts walking behind the truck!!! What the ..... hello!! I had the window down and and yelled at him ( it was nice I promise) and he proceeded to walk EXTREMELY slow all the way to the other side of me...... ahhh! I'm going to have very poor health before we leave this place!! Talk about anxiety attacks! There are some very tiny babies barely walking out in the street! Where is your mother????!! not to mention all the bikes, scooters, and skateboards left in the middle of the street to dodge.....sorry I really wasn't planning on venting! I'm happy to be in a new place!!
Finally late that evening the door bell rang...hahaha....yah. I answered and it was the guy who appeared to live next door (that’s where I noticed him all day) he was like "is my daughter here?" Um like I know who your daughter is!! I went back to the girls' bedroom and sure enough there was a unknown stranger... I was like, I think your daddy is looking for you. She just sat there and stared at me! K, grab your coat and shoes kid time to go!!!! hahaa..... I went back to the door and he had the nuts to ask if I needed help!! K that might seem harsh....but when he sat outside the whole day letting his kids "keep mine company" and then ask if i needed help at that hour??? whatever I think I got all the big stuff moved and under control!! thanks. K- speak to me, this is probably raunchy acting. I really honestly didn't want help. I get too flustered!! having kids everywhere and trying to be nice.....whatever.
Last nite the girls were able to swim in the outdoor pool. They loved it and it was great fun!
This morning I came back from taking BrookLynn to school and noticed a bike in the garage. Crap. I felt bad some little brat didn't have their bike. I went inside and Eli asked if I liked Elle's new bike!! haha!! yep I do!! He had stopped by D.I on the way home. I had to go get her out of the car and show her. She's had a perma grin ever since!! Thanks D.I. $4 is well worth it!! Until next time!