Saturday, July 31, 2010

Part 2- of Where do we start?

We've moved the boys....

And we've even taken some pics of the new babies.... aren't they so precious!!


Gone fishing....

Broke the pole..... so sad!

mom to the rescue........kind of. (mosquitoes were horrible)

Gone on wagon rides.....

More pics from our hiking....
looking upstream

Wow....where do we start?

I guess I'll just start by saying we've had a lot of fun lately! Its been busy busy, but still lots of fun and worth it! Mr. M had some discount tickets from work to go to Lagoon so we went! Flights looked pretty bad for us to fly out on friday evening (23rd) so we took the 6am flight out. Grma M let us crash at her house so we didn't have to have a super early morning. One of Eli's buddies from work (Brady) let us crash at his house to get some rest. That evening we went to a parade in Bountiful with them. It was super busy and HOT! The girls were disappointed that they didn't throw very much candy, and it was crazy difficult to fight off the other kids :) They met Brady's daughter and loved her! She is a cutie. Brady had the rest of his family there, and come to find out they are related to some people here! The girls met two of his neices, and had a blast. We ate and watched fireworks with his family that night.

Cloie....haha! Thats what we thought her name was. Its actually Claire. :) So sorry Brady and Melissa!

The next day we went to Lagoon. The girls couldn't take it all in! They swam and played and played.

We ate some yummy treats!
And did plenty of walking.....

Ava got lots of attention because of her doo-rag. We kept it wet to help keep her cool and doubled as a hat:) We ran into the Edwards Family while we were there. It was nice of them to let us hang with them for a little while! :) We made a play date for the following Wednesday to go back. Lagoon was having a bounce back for ten bucks. It was great!

The next day we came home, went to church, and went up to the mountain with the Hendershots. It was fun! The only downfall was the bugs. Sqeeter spray didn't help and there was another huge bug that felt like it would get stuck in your hair. Nasty! We went on a hike the next day. It was awesome! I loved the excersize, but thought I would probably kill over.

Mike took the girls on a bike ride

The end of our hike. It was gorgeous! Little scary, but so cool!

Water pools then falls, pools then falls etc.

Blynn had a minor owie. She survived :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tickled Blue!

We are so excited to Welcome Mason Beau Leithead (spelling is to be determined yet, i think) into our fam! Kyle and Catherine welcomed the first boy (grandchild) into our family this morning at 9am. He is so handsome! He weighed 8lbs and was 20in long. Congratulations Kyle, Catherine, and girls on your new addition!!

Its going to be so much fun with these two new babies!! (side note: Ava is not exactly thrilled with being dethroned. She has much to scream about when I held Gracie!!! I'm thinking she doesn't like her new cousins so much! lol)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Arrival

This will be a quick little post..... Gracie Mae made her debut today 7/7/10 at 7pm. She weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 19 1/2 in long. Kari had her doc app this morning and came home and started progressing. Around 3:30 we started timing and about 5:30pm they went to the hospital (water breaking on the way) She arrived to the hospital almost fully dilated, so there was no time for meds :( and Gracie arrived at 7. She is beautiful and makes the sweetest noises :) Kari did amazing. Congratulations Kari and Tyler!!! She is an "Angell" lol!!
I'll take more pics tomorrow....