Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wa-Hoo!!! Celebrate!!!

I LOVE this pic! He is waiting for the examiner to come back with the certificate. What a hottie! :) (Even though he is exhausted, starving, and sleep deprived!!!) Our view.....
First left seat flight....."St. George traffic this is Skyhawk 172 Golf Wiskey taxiing to runway 2-0...." Haha!!

Eli couldn't have described this pic better......"I look like Clark Kent ready to rip off my shirt..!!!" Love it!!

I love this guy! Left seat baby!!

Wow! I am so pumped!! Eli took his final test yesterday and PASSED!!! He is officially a CF-II and can teach any phase! I was so excited for him! We are over this hump!! NO MORE TESTS!!! He called about 6:30pm and said he was done and asked if I wanted to fly back to Cedar with him to take the plane back. I was so excited! Catherine took me up to the airport and took our girls with her! (Thanks Catherine!!!) I was so excited.....I know I said that already, but seriously, I can just can't explain how stoked (yes stoked) I was. Eli had a surprise for me too.....he handed me a log book and told me to look at the first page......where MY name was!! Wha-hoo! MY LESSONS ARE STARTED!!! I flew back to Cedar!!! It was so crazy and nerve-racking at the same time!! I was his first lesson! Anyhow the flight back was good, and the landing was a little crazy, but it was fun! Wow what a time! He starts his student tomarrow, so here goes the never-see-my-husband part again. He teaches 6 days a week. I hope you enjoy the pics!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick update....

Okay.....this goes to show how quickly things change. They changed his check ride to tomarrow! Surprise!!! He takes it here in St. George.....So best of luck babe I love you!!!

Cupcakes and Kites

Does it make you want a cupcake?!! I couldn't resist taking so many pics of Anastyn. She was enjoying this alot!! My girls weren't quite as photogenic........

I LOVE their smiles! If this doesn't make a person smile......nothing will!! ENJOY!

School, Monsoon, cupcakes!....oh and new callings!

Well for starters, Eli took the written part of the Instrument phase on Friday and yep you guessed it.....HE PASSED!! Wha-hoo! He is so close! Now he will take the oral and practical.....and will be DONE taking tests!! He is supposed to start teaching a student on Thursday but we run in to the problem of him supposed to be taking his tests Wednesday or Thursday this week! But it also depends on the weather.....lovely monsoon weather!! We have been having T-storms the last week or so. It is so muggy!! Reminds us of the good ole Tulsa days! HOT and Humid! The girls love playing out in the rain with their umbrellas!
One thing about this school that we have learned is that is run differently. Seriously the phases, how many parts to each phase.....its mind boggling and changes often! Its difficult to explain to others and quite honestly I get confused at what happens when, where....etc! Also, some things have the domino effect. The weather isn't good, planes down, so many things are in the big picture and when you add the chief or ass. chiefs ideas or how they think something should happen, it gets messy! So I apologize if you have no clue what is goin on! But just know this....WE ARE ALMOST DONE!!!!! And he just has to teach for awhile to gain his hours so he can get on a airline! There. Clear as mud?
Cupcakes. We made some yummy cupcakes yesterday and ate them in the rain. It was so much fun to watch the girls enjoy them! While they ate, Eli tried to get a kite going....the girls loved it!
And callings! Yes, we are no longer flying under the radar. Eli has been called to be the YM deacon advisor. He will do great, as long as he can organize his time to make it all work! Good luck hun! I have been called as a Primary teacher "floater". It will be fun to be with the kids again..... I have been in primary since we were married and enjoyed going R.S for these last 3 months! The primary is very large and I fill in wherever needed! It will be fun and challenging I'm sure! There must be a different reason for us to be here. We thought it was because of the housing, but yesterday we found out that there is/are more reasons why we are here! Fun.
Other than that I hope the next post will be saying that Eli has passed his final tests!! K- cancel that......I am having issues with posting pics, hopefully I can get those up next!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not much here...

We are sooooo boring! The girls and I are anyhow..... I wish I had something to post about, but nothing ever seems worth blogging about! (I'm not sure how many people even read this!!)
Eli's school (NPA) just told him that he will be starting the next and final phase. Weird. They usually let you teach private and commercial to a couple students then let you get your double II after. They have something up their sleeve.... thats what we are thinkin anyway. There are two other instructors that have been waiting for a while now to take the double II, but they are jumping Eli and Derrick up ahead of them. We know they want Derrick to go to Florida, but Eli told them it isn't worth relocating us at this point too.... i guess we will see. So he is beginning to study and cram to take the first of a couple tests as soon as possible. He just finishes one thing to think he can relax for a minute then there is always something that comes up! Poor guy!
I had Derricks little girl for a day then overnight. She was so good. Amiellia is 20 months. I have Anastyn and Matty more now that Kyle is in Wyo.....They are always fun to have around. They are growing up so fast!
BrookLynn and Elle have been in hogs heaven with all their little friends in the neighborhood. There are a ton of them! Today they had a little tea party. It was so cute how Blynn was so excited! Some of the little girls made invitations and dropped them off. I don't know how many times I heard "Is it five o'clock yet mom!!!!" They can't get enough outside time even in the 100+ weather! Our pool is back in operation again so it'll be good to take them!
Oh.... one more thing. Very disturbing to me. Our justice system has failed us again. My grandparents had their home broken into several times over the last while. Medication and money were stole on several occasions. After a "sting" was made (thanks to two of my uncles) the guy was caught. There was a court date today (after MANY were rescheduled for who knows what idiotic reasons) and it was supposed to be a preliminary hearing. Come to find out it was the final hearing. The guy gets a slap on the wrist. Probation. Thats it. Maybe I have no heart or compassion towards this guy......but it just said "for all you druggies out there, the consequences for breaking and entering, stealing, etc., don't worry you will get no time, no punishment for these actions!" What do you think?

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Eli just passed his test to become a Certified Flight Instructor!! WHA-HOO!!! We missed him badly over the holiday weekend, (He had to fly to Carson City, Nevada to take it) but we are super excited for him!

This certificate allows him to teach new student pilots. He can do this anywhere, right away.... but he has signed on to teach at the school. So now we are praying that there will be plenty of students in Cedar so he won't have to go to Vegas, Tuscan AZ , or Florida to teach! Yep Florida! This is pretty much the end of the road school wise. He will take the CFI II test to be able to teach more. By teachin others he can claim the hours to build his time up so we can get on a major airline!!

I'm so proud of ya babe!! He studied tons, had major lack of sleep.....(poor guy is sleepin on the floor tonight at the school!) and yet he still plays with the girls and has time for us! I love you so much! Time to party!! CONGRATS!!!

Fourth of July!

We hung out with Pulvers, Thompsons and Kyle and Catherine for the 4th celebration. It was fun! We started out at the splash pad/park but the wind was kickin up and the heat was a little much on the kids.....ok us too!! Rob and Jem opened their house up for us (THANKS!!) and we BBQ'd, swam in the pool and visited. It was great to catch up with everyone! Our little Lovell party.

Fun at the Splash pad!

Catherine and Anastyn (her poor lip....she face planted into the concrete!)

Teisha and Jayden


Can you tell she LOVES the water?

Teisha, Michelle, Jayson, and Rob chillin


Teisha and Tianna "Don't worry.....this is gonna hurt you more than me!"

Rob and Jem

Kyle and Matty