Friday, January 29, 2010

New pics.....finally.

I've been meaning to get some pictures of my girls since Ava was born. I finally did it. I'm already looking forward to doing them again when the weather is warmer and Ava is a little bit bigger. It probably would help things if she was in a better mood:)

I loved their smiles in this one, but it was way over exposed!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little game of twister :)
She has been smiling so much lately and I love it! She will smile in her sleep and at anybody who looks at her!

Listening to Dad play guitar

Watching a movie with her sisters.

I love this pic!! She didn't like the camera. Cute face though!

Our life has been pretty boring lately. We have been doing the same thing day in and day out. Nothing too exciting. Ava is getting so big so quick! Hopefully I can post sooner than later about something more exciting!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

December catch up...

Wow. Time is flying so quickly! This is a long beware!! I wish I would have got my camera out more during the holidays. But this is what I got so I'll just go with it! Christmas flew by along with all of December and now January is half over! Ava is getting so big. She just hit her two month mark. Its sad how fast life is moving. I need it to slow down more so I can really enjoy it! Wyoming was great. It was good to be with all the fam. We decided that another family picture was needed. 5 years since the last one. Oh joy for family pics!! Everyone was O so excited for them. (can you sense the sarcasim here??) We did get some good laughs out of them though........ and I still think I really don't belong here......

Adopted??!! :) And of course all of this post is backwards again. We are starting at the present and moving backwards :)

The girls had the privledge of helping make grandpa's norweigen cookies! They are so yummy. I consumed WAY too many of them!
Grandma and Ava got a lot of bonding time in! Thanks so much grama, it was so nice to have another pair of hands!

Ava was blessed on December 30, 2009. It was a great blessing. We even had the privledge of some of our friends coming up for it! The Barnes flew up that day. Flying on a Buddy or Standby pass always makes an exciting adventure! They couldn't get on the Cody flight. We were so bummed. We had already drove to Cody too. Grandma stayed with Blynn and Elle. As the Barnes were leaving the airport in SLC she ran into her aunt who she hasn't seen in a long time. Her aunt works for the airlines. She managed to get them on the afternoon flight to Billings! It was very comical....long story. :) So as soon as we heard they were on we jetted to Billings to get them. We were still in Cody. I had to make plans to get girls ready because it was going to be tight!! I owe Nicole a ton for getting the girls' hair done for me and getting Ava a cute headband and bow!! And Grama for getting everything else done for us!
Well to finish the story, we got up there shortly after they landed and we sprinted home..... a little too fast! We got pulled over in Deaver! Argh!! The offiicer came up to the window and asked Eli if there was a medical emergency he needed to be aware of :) Eli told him about the blessing yada yada and then told the officer that he had just finished helping his dad change the oil and stuff on his cruiser!!! We got off and made it back in the nick of time!
Eli did a great job on Ava's blessing. It was great to have such support from our families! We love you all so much and thank you for coming!


One of our first family pics.....

Anastyn is so stinkin cute. Couldn't pass this one up.

The kids in the family nativity.

Christmas Eve

Elle couldn't decide between the best of both worlds. Cheetos or holding Ava. ;)

We even did dentist. Blynn looks good, one spot needed to watch but she's kept cavaties at bay!
Elle on the other hand, did let the hygienist finally clean her teeth and take some pics. Not all unfortunately. But what they did see is that she has a mouth full of cavaties. Some needing caps etc. Given her past of letting people look in her mouth let alone put tools in it, she will have to be knocked out to do all the work at the same time. Not cool. At all.

She got to go to a dance class with her friend. She loved every minute of it! It was fun to stay and watch her! I have a lot of fun pics, but couldn't put them all on!
We all have an art of face making! Kacee does it when she cuts hair and the rest of us do it when we concentrate, or anything like that! Pretty funny if I do say so myself!

We did decorate a tree before we left. Goof balls! :) (See? fun facial expressions)
And at the beginning of the month we did celebrate Blynn's 7th Birthday

Had to throw this cute pic in!
Blynn had her special day at school too. We made a poster with pictures of her and the things she likes. This is her picking a treat out of the treasure box with her teacher Mrs. Nielson.
BrookLynn and her friends Piper, Annaleise, and Jasmine.

BLynn talking about her poster. She was SO shy, it was funny to watch her:)