Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and DAD!!

Sorry, the pics are not in order.....kind of random! Bear with me! The end result! They painted them first a week ago.
Elle thought hers smelled bad! :)



So happy to see dad!!


Here he is coming in!! Landing!!

They spotted him!!

Watching before we headed out on the tarmac!

We "think" its him!!

My princesses

Today was a great day! The girls were so excited for Halloween and more especially Mr. Mayes came home!! It was great. The girls were really excited to get into their costumes, but even more so to put make-up on! They loved the mascara and blush and little bit of "lips". Blynn had her halloween party at school and I helped out. They did a little parade for them. There were some cute costumes!! Then after school I hurried home to tidy up the house.....okay really do a good quick clean!! :) Its wonders me how in the world a clean house can get so unbelievably quick!! Whatever, anyhow I texted Eli to tell him to let me know when he was thirty minutes out....and not 10 minutes later I got that text!! I was pretty pumped! The girls were in their costumes and we headed out! It was fun for the girls to find the plane (you can see them in the pics) they have really good eyes! I think we all had perma grins the rest of the night. The Barnes came out with pizza and then the dads took them trick or treating. We stayed back and made cinnamon rolls! They were pretty yummy! They came back with plenty of goodies..... now that I think of it I didn't get a pic with all of them together...... So here is our little Belle and Ariel. (I was really relieved to have Elle's costume done, I need more practice sewing, but it was a good experience! Thanks so much mom for being so patient with all my calls and questions!!! Love you! I was glad to get the shells done.....whew!)
On Thursday Elle had her halloween parade and party at school. Her and her friend Mason had some great fun. They couldn't stay out of the candy. We helped Amy make over 200 donuts for their ward party. I smelled like that "fried" fast food nasty smell. But we accomplished the task and in the end they looked great! That night we carved the girls pumpkins. Its been so stinkin hot here still that they were getting soft, but they still had fun. Its crazy to still have the need for AC in October....almost November!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, Eli thought that he wasn't going to get another student. BUT he did. (I don't think he would have if he wasn't so persistant. He totally "found" a student. The school is wierd the way they "do" things. I just can't wait until he is done!! He called the Ass. Chief in Tucson Az. He told Eli that he has a instrument student ready so off he goes! Blessing? DEFINATELY!! Hard? Tremendously so! The days won't go by quick enough, but hopefully we can think of things to do to keep us busy. So, to start, my wonderful friend Rachel took me to the What Women Want Expo here and then we had some lunch afterward! It was great! (Thanks a ton Adam for watching the girls! I appreciated it so much!!!) Then we chilled at her house for the evening! Today we had a practice for our primary program tomarrow. It went pretty good.....they always go okay even if it doesn't feel like it will! With a primary this large it feels monumental task just to keep the kids' attention. Elle has her part memorized, and Blynn says a part with her class. I have been trying to work on it with them (its the same class I teach) but its been difficult. There were four of the 15 or so there today. They did a pretty good job on it.

After that we went to Blynns Halloween Carnival at the school. The girls had fun, and of course I forgot my camera!! (Blynn asked me the other day why I always forget stuff! Bad huh! :) I think I am going to dive in on Elle's costume today..... unless my mom is going to surprise me and come down to do it!! :)

I have been trying to post about Last weekend! The internet hasn't been the best lately ( :) ) so i haven't been able to post. We had fun having Eli around all week. It was great!
K, I'm tired of trying to post.....don't know if its my computer, or account, but its been a pain just trying to put pics on and saving etc......whatever! This is going to have to be good enough!

Monday, October 20, 2008

This last weekend recap

From this highest point on the mountain a sign said that we could see parts of Nevada and Arizona. Hmmm.....

Blynn coming down the slide.
look at Elle's blue lips!! Poor kid, she was trying to stay warm!!
The huge yellow bucket on top fills up with water and dumps out.....its enough to wipe out any poor kid standing in its path!! We watched one poor kid get slammed into ground!! :)

This last weekend we took advantage of Eli being home. He finished with his student (who passed!!) and is waiting for another one. They had one for him, but Eli is on antibiotics and can't fly with the school in Carson....yada yada yada.... so he is home with us!! We are pretty excited! On Tuesday we took both girls to the doctor, both had strep throat. So we are getting over our crud at our house. On Friday night we got some pumpkins to carve. But we decided not to carve them quite yet, so instead the girls painted them! It was fun to watch them decorate them. It reminded Eli and I of the pumpkin contest back in Elementary. Anyone Lovellites remember doing those??? :) On Saturday we decided to go swimming. The girls have been dying to go. Our pool has been closed for a while, so we took them to the new rec center in Washington. It is a really nice facility, but it was freezing cold! They had a couple of the doors open because they have lounge chairs and the lazy river goes outside. Elle didn't have fun, so needless to say it was kind of frusterating! So we decided to go for a hike. Eli called one of his students because they like to hike, and we headed to Cedar. We went up to the Cedar Breaks. It was pretty muddy. We still had fun, not much hiking but it was still fun to drive up there!

During the week we had a picnic at the park with Elle while Blynn was in school. That night we took both of them to the park and did hobo dinners, and smores. We played some tennis too. We watched movies and got ready for our inspection (which did go just fine). Also.....we found out that there is "something" living in the attic? vent? corner of the house!! Very nasty. It makes scratching noises in the same spot....... they are supposed to come over and check it out. Eli won't get up there and look :) Haha. I wouldn't either. I had been having some major issues with our other "friends". The other night I woke up to something tickling me across my chest.....coming out of a good sleep I immedietly (Dang good reflexes I might add for being asleep!) grabbed whatever it was and threw to me inbetween Eli and I. Ya. Smart. I know. I turned on the light and looked, it was a freakin cockroach!!!! Should I mention that they came a couple days previous and sprayed!!!! I still have bugs everywhere! Needless to say I didn't sleep the rest of the night. So Eli wakes up and tells me he thinks there was one down by his feet freakin nasty. My house is spotless why are there bugs everywhere??? Comes with living in the desert...... story continues.......I checked the next night, just to make sure....that theres no more right?! WRONG!!! I peel the sheets back and what-d-ya-know??? Another one!!! LIVID. doesn't explain it. There are no words that will describe that horrible emotion I felt! (Oh did I mention that there was a nasty spider next to the bed too??) Fast forward to Friday.....we packed Eli's stuff and he left. I was coming out of the bathroom when I noticed something black on the pillow ......yep. Another one. I don't think I can take anymore wildlife in my house......let alone my bed. The end. (Blynns suggestion was get a king snake. They eat insects and keep rattlesnakes away..........) No comment.


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This is my fourth pic in the fourth folder! Eli and Elle at the beach during last years trip to San Diego.
I tag Rachel, Tawni, Mandi, and whoever else wants to!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


BrookLynn finally got her "cap" on! A couple of pieces of tooth fell out on our way home from Wyoming. Her original appointment wasn't until December, so we called and Eli took her in. They didn't have time fix it that day so on Wednesday she finally got it fixed. She is sensitive to things, so I decided to tell her how they would fix her tooth! I told her about the shot and everything they would do and she was EXCITED!! I have never seen someone so excited to get a tooth fixed :) She did awesome. Didn't flinch when they gave her the shot, nothing. I'm still amazed that she did so was the dentist!! He kept asking how she was doing and she would smile (to the best of her half numb face) and say "Guhhd" So we are proud of her!! She did so awsome he was like, we should fix the other cavity on the same side! And they did! Very proud of you BLynn!! Now, .......if only Elle would open her mouth for the dentist!!!!!

My cute little fart! We bonded while BLynn was in school. She was so cute! She snuggled in bed with me and we played Rock, Paper, Scissors! until she was tired of that and then she sung all the primary songs she knows. It was pretty cute. She still makes my heart melt...... how could she not with that smile!!

K, so Elle wants to be Ariel for Halloween. She won't give up on it. I looked for costumes and the ones I found where pretty much lame. The crusty hard material or the satin barely there material......$30 bucks. I DON'T THINK SO. Still no convincing!! We went to Joanns yesterday and looked for some material to see if I could possible make one. (scary! Mom??!!) Elle eyed some and it was a winner!! I looked at the patterns and of course they were out of that one!! So wish me ought to be fun!!

We haven't been up to much lately. Last night we took the girls to Wall-e. It was cute. We laughed. The girls liked it.

Eli is almost done with this student, so we will see if they give him another one. Start date was this last we might not be so lucky. Other than that, we haven't been up to too much around here! It is very chilly here today! (so it must be freezing up north!!) We were going to go up to Roosevelt this weekend and meet Kacee, Mom, and Catherine and her girls. The weather wasn't going to cooperate with us so we decided against it. Kacee, hang in there!! I hope we can get together soon!!

I have been tagged!


I've been tagged.

i am: a mom
i think: about my husband when he is away
i know: God loves me
i want: to be a great mom
i have: many falts
i dislike: people that aren't honest
i miss: Catherine and the girls, and our fam
i fear: not teaching my girls enough
i feel: for those who are hurting
i hear: my girls being very silly
i smell: the cold air!
i crave: my mom's homemade meals
i cry: alot
i usually: forget
i wonder: about the economy
i regret: days that pass without really doing something
i love: Eli and my girls, and family
i care: about those around me
i always: love to be with family
i worry: that i'm too up tight
i am not: a fast learner
i remember: childhood memories
i believe: in God and His love for us
i dance: with my girls
i sing: off key!
i don’t always: keep my house clean
i argue: to much
i write: I like to draw? that close enough?
i win: very seldom
i lose: lots of sleep
i wish: i could loose weight!!
i listen: to my girls
i don't understand: many things
i can usually be found: at home
i am scared: when Eli flies
i need: God
i am happy: with my life!
I tag: Catherine, Brook, Bobbie, and anyone who wants to do this!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holy Cow! Long post! Acheivement!! Field trips, flying, Uncle Kevins Funeral, Wyoming and more. Much, much, more!

My first peaches and pears!

My raspberry jam!! Its so good!
My new custom built shelving, by none other than my fantastic husband!
Getting haircuts!
Finished product! So cute!!
Elle at the farm! Elle's friend Mason is the one in yellow.

Making salsa and soup!
Bulldog fans!
playing some football
Grandma in on the action!

Wow it has been a long time. But..... I don't know where to start.
On Tuesday am we left for Wyoming. One of the time builders agreed (bless his heart) to fly us to Wyoming for Uncle Kevins Funeral. He was using his cross country flight to do this. So we had to prepare very meticulouslly. ( that a word? I guess it is one now......) The night before we went over to our very kind neighbors and weighed each of us. was nice. ;) Then I came home and packed extremely light. For four of us, one small carry-on size suitcase. (It was kind of iffy, as when we were coming back home. So I packed for one extra day.) I had to figure out what was important to take. My camera. Thats it. We had to put the girls' car seats in. We did forget to weigh those. You might be asking why is weight so important?? Very important. We would be leaving at 7am. The air would be smoother and easier to climb then, but refueling in the afternoon with all this weight was very important. The four seater plane has weight limits (like all planes) and that included the fuel. Anyhow its muy importante that we didn't exceed that weight. (We had a whole ten pounds to play with!! :)
We left and it was such a nice flight! So pretty. The leaves were changing and the mountain sides were alive with such vibrant colors! Beautiful!! We decideded to fly the more scenic route. Up to Jackson and Yellowstone, Cody way and land in Powell. Cowleys airport was closed. It was really pretty. We saw Bear Lake and more. Around Jackson, it started to get kind of bumpy. Regular afternoon turbulance. But it got worse. Lots worse!! (This is my account, not Eli's) I seriously thought that we would be blown out of the sky.....with no where to land. Mountainous landscape isn't very plane friendly. No where to make an emergency landing. Blynn got sick and threw up in my lap.....and all over our jackets. Eli pulled out a ziploc baggy for her where she continued to through up the rest of the way. Poor kid! It was rough. Elle fell asleep. That in itself was a huge blessing. She doesn't like the falling feeling very well. I was very sick myself. Holy cow.....take an afternoon ride over the mountains and you will get a glimpse of what it was like. (Oh, by the way. I asked Eli if that was the worse he had ever gone through......of course it wasn't!) We did make it safely.
The funeral was beautiful. The music and speakers did great, very touching. We love Geraldine and her family so much. We will miss Kevin, and his great laugh!!
We were able to visit and be with our families. It was great. My family was busy canning salsa and tomatoe soup. We miss being around our families! We had fun going to Kaleb's football game and seeing him all grown up!! :) Fall colors! kind of hard to see in the pics
Sleepy heads!

It was really good to see some of Eli's extended family that was in town. Sad to get together for that reason, but it was still good to see them!
We love our families and are so greatful for their love and support for us. We are truely blessed! Thanks everyone for your prayers and support, WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!
The girls had so much fun jumping on the trampoline and swinging! They didn't want to leave!
We ended up staying until Sunday and drove to Roosevelt to stay with Kacee and Cole. We enjoyed a short stay with them. Then Kacee did the girls' hair before we left! She takes such good care of us!! :)
On the way home I was looking for Raspberries to make some jam. I did strawberry jam in April and it was so easy! (I couldn't believe that it took me so long to try doing it!) In Santaquin we saw a stand and got peaches, pears, and raspberries. So when I got home that night I immediately started making jam. I was so excited!! I got 6 quarts. Then the next night I was braving it, and decided to can my peaches and pears. I have helped my mom growing up, but never tried it after I got married. This was my major acccomplishment! To some it seems silly, but I was so pumped! I did call my mom a couple time to get directions and away I went. The smells were fantastic. It immedietly took me back to helping my mom when I was younger. The aromas were far better than any candle out there! I could remember the early mornings to help start shucking corn, podding peas, snapping beans or whatever our job was to help. The smell of the crisp morning air there in Lovell. It was fresh and had the smell of alfalfa. There is nothing better than being able to go out in the garden and get potatoes, carrots, tomatoes or cucumbers!! I will remember those days forever! Thanks mom, those were the good ol days!
So, with barely any storage space, I asked Eli to help me and make a shelf to put this stuff! We had some left over wood from one of the last closets. So today we were able to make one! I'm excited! It turned out to be bigger than thought, so it looks like I need to start canning more!! :) thanks babe! I love ya!!
Elle had a field trip to one of the farms. I had volunteered to help. It was great fun. She was very nervous to see that they did have a dog. But I found out that another little boy was deathly afraid of them too. The battery on my camera died before we were done. They had a cute train and a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and more!!! She had fun.
I hope this catches us up a little bit! till next time!