Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nice long day

Today we had a great day! The girls and I picked up Eli early this am in Cedar. He decided to come down and go to the kite festival with us! We didn't tell the girls anything, so it was a fun surprise for them. We hadn't ever gone to the Kite Festival, so I decided that we better go before we move. (notice there are no pics of any kites. haha! There were kites there. Didn't have a ton of wind though) It was very nice today. We all got some sun!! Welcome summer weather! :)

After we got home we grabbed some friends that the girls don't get to play with very often. They kept the front lawn, driveway, vehicles, rocks, bushes...etc etc WET. :) (love Paityns pose)
Enjoyed some snow cones....

And water for her.....hehe!! It was pretty cute. She "lapped" it up!

Tractor rides...

On to the next adventure

She cracks me up

Ava was excellent! So much to look at!

More bounce houses

....and more great expressions

Showing off some face painting. Don't ask me how Ava's toes got in this one! They sure are cute though. And very editable looking!

* **************************************************************************
Friday after school we went over to Blynn's Art Festival at the school. They were showing off art work and dancing and other performances. We saw some of her art and enjoyed a little dance by the first graders.

They acted out the book, "Giraffe's can't Dance". It was very cute! She kept dancing on the other side of the gym! So here is a nice motion pic.

Blynn with her butterfly. One of the teacher just passed away from cancer. (B's old teacher, Mrs. Neilsen, left in Jan to go help the other teacher. So B got a new teacher.) Anyhow, K-5 all did different kinds of butterflies and decorated the entrance of the school in memory of this teacher. It looked great! I wished I would have got a pic. It was so congested :(
A quick funny. For me anyhow. I was a little stressed Thursday night/Friday. Eli and I totally went through all of our crap. We packed a lot of stuff and made a nice mess. Looked like a tornado. I was so tired and ready to hit the sack when I remembered that we were having the bug guy come and spray, and also a insulation guy come and do some work. They pick days for stuff like this and let you know. They do the whole complex at the same time. So I was so embarassed at how the house looked. Yes, granted we are in the process of moving, but still!!! I tried to hurry and straighten up. (cat, I remember the time when you forgot your bug guy was coming and didn't remember till he showed up on your doorstep. haha! Couldn't get to the base boards! :) Same deal here) I kept trying to tell myself....bug guys don't spray very well anyway. we are moving, who cares? Anyhow, I got it presentable enough and sure enough I had insulation spread out everywhere. But still no bug guys. Weird. They usually come early in the am. Got busy and totally spaced it. We ran errands and did our thing. Then when we were outside visiting with neighbors and they were discussing the day. One set of neighbors totally spaced that people were coming and surprised them by entering their home! Nobody mentioned anything about the bug guy. Why? CUZ HE CAME ON TUESDAY!!!!
Its a good thing I don't remember what condition the house was in!!!! We managed to miss him twice! Once when they came in the am for the outside, and later that day for the inside.....
I give up.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally catching up

Well to start off this post, The 10th was Eli's 31st B-day!! The girls were so excited to celebrate. We decided to celebrate for a couple days. He was scheduled to work on his bday so we took Tuesday and went bowling. (its so hard to back track...I can't remember anything!!) The girls are huge fans of bowling now. Eli killed us. Next time I will have bumpers for me. seriously. It was that bad!! Coming off of Easter vacation, I loved Claudia's cream cheese pie she made for Eli, so I decided to make another one, for me! :) But it benefited Eli too! Eli did have an approval for a shift trade so he did get to spend his bday at home. The night before the girls and I made huge signs for the garage door outside. They wrapped a couple a presents. We went to the airport the next morning and the girls were so excited I thought that they would blow it before he saw his signs! We were almost home and Elle was so excited she yelled, "MOM is dad awake!!!!?" All I could do is laugh. We made him breakfast. And that night we took the girls to Family Fun and then we hit a movie. It was great fun. I love being able to spend time with him. He is amazing. Love him so much and are greatful that he is ours!! Here's to another great year babe!!! (Even if you do have several more gray hairs along for the ride!!)

On the 3rd our sweet little angel turned 5 months already!! Time is flying. I know I say that every month but its hard to savor this! She is showing more and more of her personality. She can turn on the tears in a heart beat. :) She loves to scratch materials, your arm, face, whatever she can get her hands on! She's trying her veggies and already isn't a fan of green beans! :) I love the faces! She will talk and talk to you if you give her attention. She loves her mommy!! It makes me feel so good when she see's me and gets excited. She makes all these cute little noises. And, at times it stinks because I need a stinkin break!!! :) I love her to pieces! All her little rolls make her very yummy :) She gets plenty of kisses!

She loves her sisters and smiles them. Blynn has gotten her to giggle more than we can. :) It makes me melt to hear both of them giggling at each other! Ava's sleeping habits have gotten worse. I had it down to where she would only get up once in the night. Now its several times. She is wrestless when she sleeps. Makes for long nights and even longer days!!

How can one resist those cankles!!! Seriously!! And teeny feet!!

She was helping make some fruit pizza and all she could have (when mommy was watching) was the fruit container.

She did start to take a pacifer which is very nice!
We dyed easter eggs. I was so glad I only got two dozen. Wasn't too bad. Just messy:)

Nice Tyler. Never thought I'd find someone who sniffs egg!

While in Wyo, we had a little fun shooting clay pigeons and everyone's guns:)
Eli setting in his 30 ought six (however thats spelled? no gun lingo here)

Loving the teeny gun! Haha!!

Don't worry, he got whatever I missed!! Its okay to laugh at the stance. ;) Anything to try and avoid some major kick back. One of the shot guns did give me a nice bruise though!! It was worth it! (eating dust, and loving the WIND)

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Lloyd's aim was pretty dang good. I don't think he missed much of what he was shooting at.

We did the Easter egg hunt at the HS. It was your nice Wyoming freezing wind weather. Fun huh?!

Sweet Matty!

Hopefully I won't slack this bad and I will make myself stay on top of it!! Doubt it though. We will be moving very soon and things aren't about to change from being hectic :)