Sunday, January 23, 2011

busy doin....nothing

Not much here, just ordinary days doing ordinary
playing in the clean "sock box" at least their clean right? :)

Someone is trying to perfect the climbing thing
Now its a is watching and she even has the camera!!!

Playing with cousins......for a WHOLE day!!! They were in hogs heaven! It was great :) We even went to the "popcorn show" and watched Yogi Bear. So I had to capture this. They were singing this "Ride that Pony" game thing. It was pretty cute, and to top it off the costumes!! The pink one A is wearing and the red one little A is wearing were mine back in the day!! Crazy! I was their age!!!


Trying to keep up :)

..."side to side to side....."

" back to back to back......"

We've watched B cheer her little heart out at the cheer camp and her performance at the Boys Bball game the other night. Pretty cute. She could not wait!

Tired of the camera. Really. (Glad "K" wasn't!! She was smiling for me!!)

Someone was a little sad about her recent upgrade and doesn't want to leave her old carseat behind!! She loved to sleep in this thing! On our last little flight the baggage department took oh-so-loving-care of her seat! *cough* I don't know what kind of rock and hard place it was in, but it sure got a good number on it!! :)

These two. Love/hurt relationship.
A and G are too funny. She starts to get pretty flustered if her mom or dad leave her anywhere within reach of A! She looks around like someone Help!!! A loves on her with noggins, and kisses, and love "taps". :) All A wanted is someone to play with!!!

Come ON!!

.....and your going to just stand there and take pictures?!!.....

Blink rapidly. It might not hurt as bad!!!

And we've been flat out tired:)

B was asleep. And yes, E really is asleep. She can fall asleep in any crazy contortion! :)

Just an ordinary day:)

Friday, January 14, 2011


In December we decided that A has had enough ear infections. We took her in when I suspected another ear infection and sure enough both ears were infected and Dr. K confirmed she probably needed tubes. So we set up an appointment with a Dr. in St. George. He was actually the dad to her old pediatrician. So I knew he had to be good:) That Dr. said she would definately benefit with the tubes so I set up an appt to get them done. With several changes and other circumstances we weren't able to get there until this last week.
They have a retarded policy that states if its been over a month since the check up then we have to have another appt confirming she needs them. (we were a couple of days over the 30) Total waste of time! They scheduled us with a different dr. and he was confused when we came back in. He asked if we needed another opinion or what? So he looked in her ears and had his intern look. Then without saying anything to us he asks the intern what he saw. The intern replied that her ears were red. No fluid. Looked ok. I told them she just got off antibiotics so?.... he told me she was teething. Please Dr. tell me something I DON'T KNOW!!!
So needless we were pretty confused. I knew how many infections she's had her first year of life! Its this never ending cycle where she gets infections, takes antibiotics... almost recovers and we already have the next bout with them. I was so frusterated, as her mom I know she doesn't sleep, chronic infections, always pulling at them? Anyhow, long story short E and I decided to do it anyway.
Her surgery went very well and the operating Dr. told us she had fluid in one ear already. We are happy and felt good about our decision. She was back to normal that evening:) We hope that this helps her! We love this little girl!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm looking back at the pictures I took for christmas......depressing. Very. Depressing. I took a few while the girls opened their christmas jammies on C-Eve. Then a few that morning. Thats it!! Eli had to go to work on Christmas morning, I was glad he was able to be with us that morning, but it was still pretty hard having him gone. Later that day we relaxed and ate way too much food!!
The girls slept in for awhile but I think we finally got going around 8:30:) But going back to Christmas Eve we chilled with Eli's family before the whole Mayes clan gathered and did the traditional party. We had dinner and had a small program and sang songs. It was fun, and felt the spirit. We had a video given to the women in our ward, and it was so neat. It really brought the spirit about that first night so long ago. I watched it with the girls and they really liked the pictures:)
One thing for sure?? Time to get some family traditions going.

I threw this one in just cuz:) too could I not!!??