Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oops! Elle's B-day!

Elle, Brinleigh, Alysia, and Stefani
Elle (and her cake with lots of frosting.... thats what she wanted......and the little fart didn't even eat it)
Hannah Montana Blanket.....
Teacher Jackie and she's the first one out!
Mason, Breya, and Elle throwing stuff in the lake
Breya, Elle and Mason at Gunlock
THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! Cutie huh;)

Holy crap! I can't believe I forgot to post about Elle's B-day.......lovely. I'm guessing things were crazy???!! Elle's b-day was on the 10th. She got to spread it out bit and celebrate over a couple of days. On Sunday we went out to Gunlock and chilled with some of our friends. He had hobo dinners (Thanks a ton Mel!! They were delish!) and dutch oven peach cobbler. Yummy. Our friend Mike had his guitar along with Eli and we listened and sang a bit before some unexpected company arrived. A young kid walked into camp and asked if he could hang out. Long story short, he is traveling the U.S. with two of his buds (who decided to stay at their camp) and was asking all sorts of questions about mormons. We answered his questions and then we gave him a Joeseph Smith manual and (when his buddies came back up and said dinner was ready) we said our goodbyes. Very interesting kid. Very......

Anyhow!! Monday we went to the Gleaves and celebrated Stefani's, Elle's and Alysia's b-day. Tuesday Eli left again for Carson. Elle was able to take her cupcakes to school. She loved it! On Wednesday we hung out till Blynn was done with school and took Elle to Pizza Hut for dinner and then the park. Her most exciting part about her b-day was the mail!! Thanks to Grma, Grama Great and Kari for the cards and movie! She loved it. She was so excited to open the mailbox and get her own card! She eyed the two pink envelopes rather quickly and knew they were for her! I can't believe our little girl is four......where does all the time go? Happy B-day squirt!! We love you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am trying to get all caught up. It seems like life was so boring and drab when Mr. Mayes was gone and it got all crazy when he returned. Now its supremely (is that a word?) boring and I'm playing catch up. So heres another post to add the last 3 or so. This story has touched my life.
I don't think a day goes by that I'm not caught thinking about this family. I love to surf blogs. I found a blog Nie Nie Dialogues . This woman amazed me. She has four children and the love of her life. She shows how to be the best mother ever. I've read her blog several times. Her husband shares a love that Mr. Mayes does. Flying. Something about her blog captured my attention from the very beginning. They were on their way back from somewhere (flying) and they crashed. Both survived but the flight instructor passed away. Both have severe burns. The four kids are with family in Provo. I'm in tears reading about thier struggle to live. Her burns cover 83 percent of her body. His over 35 percent. This families struggle is heart wrenching. Friends, family, and fellow bloggers have come together like you wouldn't believe. Over 350 different silent auctions went on last week. I think they have raised close to $100,000. The hospital bills will be in the millions. They will be there for a couple months. The family (especially one of the sisters, her blog has updates. here ) tells of their experiences. The spirit is so strong. I would love to help everyway I can, but our finances don't let me do that now. All I can do is pray for them.

I thank her for her example to show me how I can possibly be the best mother to my girls, and still be there for my husband. This story is very touching. I encourage everyone to read hers then her sisters.

Elle's first day of Preschool

Elle had her first day of school on the 2nd. She was disappointed that I had to stay with her. (Whats up with this independance thing??!!)
Elle and teacher Jackie. She is a very sweet person! BrookLynn loved her! I'm sure Elle will too! She loved the trampoline.
She found her name in the sandbox.....

Quick trip to Cali!......and goodbyes.

We took a very quick trip to California this last weekend. On Friday night, Eli's good buddy in LA got married. So we left Friday morning and came home Saturday. On Saturday morning we went to the beach. It was very cold and overcast/smog. The girls didn't quite enjoy themselves as much as they hoped! After the beach we stopped by the LA temple. It was beautiful. Then on home. The sad part about all of this, Kyle Catherine and the girls moved while we were gone. It was hard to come home and see their empty house. B and E will miss Matty and Anastyn very much. I'm having withdrawls already. We will miss you guys a ton. It was so much fun having you here!!

note: sorry. I didn't feel like editing or being very creative. just raw pics is what i got.

7 Years!!

Wow! How time flies! On Sunday Eli and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary! Its been wonderful. I can't imagine my life without him! He is my best friend and will always be! We never thought it would turn out like this.
We lived across the road from each other growing up. We had our own friends and didn't really associate with each other.....except maybe mutual. I was good buddies with his cousin who lived inbetween us. I was in college (not far from home) when he returned from his mission. My mom called me one Sunday and said that he had come home from his mission and I should call him. I was like, "Are you crazy?!" I didn't know him that good to call out of the blue.....just to call? She bugged me endlessly to call him. Finally one night I saw him at a concert at the college. His first comment took me off guard, then I was kind of offish. I saw him at a couple different activities and then one night I was at his brothers appartment and we decided to go play soccer with the institute. It was so much fun. We flirted like crazy....then I had to leave to go work.....I was so bummed but yet on this high! He said he would call, and a two months later he did! We went up to the mountains with his friend Rob. Robs dad was a Game and Fish guy, so we went to their cabin. We had so much fun. We played a fun quarter game (so we touched hands a lot! :) I was so giddy. They had this M-80, and we put it in a pop bottle (I think) and tried to blow it up. For some reason it didn't Eli and I walked over and tried over and over to get it to go off. It never did. Eli told me that if we did get blown up we would have to get married because no one else would want to marry either of us! I agreed. After that we saw more and more of each other. I would drive by his house to see if his purple people eater was there and he would drive by my house etc. We knew that we were going to get married. Couldn't help it. We even tried to take a break from each other. (that only lasted a day or two) So he proposed the last day of June. That day we went up to the mountains to get firewood with some of his family. We got home and were just chillin when he said that needed to use the bathroom. I was like okay. It was very strange...... my family spread. THAT alone should have been key enough that something was up. He was in there forever!! When he came back in, he was all dressed up!!! Suit coat with a rose in it... (remember I was still gross from being up in the mountains!) he brought in a chair from the kitchen and told me to sit down by the piano. He proceeded to sing a song he wrote. Then got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him! Of course I said Yes! It was great! I couldn't be more greatful for such a wonderful companion. he makes me so happy and treats me so much better than I deserve. His patience alone makes him the best. He serves others constantly. Always finding someone that needs some help. He is so funny. He can make me laugh when I don't want to. He is such a wonderful father. His girls love him so much! We just can't seem to get enough daddy, husband, family time. Especially lately. Every minute counts. I love Eli so much. There are days that I just wonder what I did to deserve this guy. He is the best that they come! He comes from a great family. I love them. I owe someone big. He does everything he can to provide for us, even if its something he doesn't want to do. He always sees the bigger picture. I'm greatful to have someone that always helps to laundry, dishes, cleaning etc. He is truly amazing.
We were married on September 7, 2001 in the Billings Montana Temple. It was a rainy day. He called early that morning and told my mom that he had cold feet. She handed the phone to me and I wanted to cry. He told me he was warming them up so we could go get married. I wanted to jump through the phone and strangle him. (He is a very big teaser) the sky was black. I was so hopeful that it would clear by the time we got out. It didn't. To top everything off, I didn't have a wedding photographer. I don't know what the deal was, but its the one thing I regret the most. I am very envious of others wedding day photos. (Bad, I know.) But I am glad that i still have what makes me the most happiest, he will forever be my best friend, eternal companion, and :). (i'll let you fill in the blank) Four days after we were married 9/11 happened. We didn't have any sort of a honeymoon thanks to school......i doubt we would have had one anyhow. I think we are waiting until he can fly us where ever we :)
So, heres to 7 years of wedded bliss!! And we hope for many for to come!!
On Sunday we went out to Gunlock for a fun dinner with some of our friends. Thats how we celebrated. He had to leave again today. So when he returns, we hopefully will be able to go celebrate!!!
ps.....sorry about no pictures. I must be a dork, cuz I'm the one behind our camera all the time and never have any pics of us together..........or even ask someone to take it for us. Sad. I'm trying to get some of our wedding up.