Thursday, December 17, 2009

More stuff

Yesterday we took the girls to the dentist. I was nervous about Elle because last time she freaked out. She wouldn't even open her mouth, no pictures...nothing. So I "let" Eli be with her while I was with Blynn.
Elle acted excited about going and we told her again what would happen etc.... her attitude changed the minute we got there. Great!
Good news? Elle ended up letting them take two pictures (of the four) and then she let them clean her teeth.
Sure enough with good news comes bad right? Bad news. At least 8 cavities, some needing caps. We're talking surgery center now. Put her out and get all the work done in one shot. $$$. More bad news? They would have completely covered it if she was four or under. When did I call and make appointments to get them in??? September. When is Elle's b-day. :) September. Sigh........
She is definately our expensive child.
By the way Blynn did great as always and has one area to be watched, but looks good. Greatful for that blessing!! :)

Wish I could post pics but since my computer is out of commission thats going to have to wait! Sorry grama!

Last night we took the girls out for ice cream and was on our way home when I saw this teeny dog run out in the street. Looked more like a piece of garbage flying across the street! I told Eli to slow down and with four lanes of traffic we thought that we would see this poor puppy's life come to an end! (Utah drivers aren't known for their awesome driving) Seeing him run around cars he darts into oncoming traffic and comes to the aid of another puppy.....who had just been hit!!! It was so sad! Its poor little tail was still moving and he was shaking.... As if that wasn't enough (sorry we were driving really slow) a big surburban drives over the top of both! BUT.... it cleared them!
My girls were pretty traumatized. Then later they asked if the dog was still in the street. So sad. It had a collar on, so it was somebody's.

Oh and for more excitement, we had our scare yesterday as well. We had just gotten home and Eli took Ava out of her car seat. He went back into the bedroom to change her pants and I hear him say "Kristin she's not breathing!!" Nothing can drop your heart like that! At first I was hoping he was just kidding, but as I met him coming back down the hall I could tell she wasn't and her face was red. I was sick! I just blew in her face to see if she would gasp and she did. It was too scary! When she eats she "forgets" to breathe, but she's never done this before! Made me not want to sleep very bad last night.

Ava just past her six weeks old mark on Tuesday. Time is flying by way too quick! She is getting chunky. Her hair is getting lighter too. But she is still a popular girl in our house! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Elle.

Yesterday I was running earrands at Wal-mart. I just had to run in and grab a couple of things. In, out, and back home. It of course being the week before Christmas, was packed. Everyone and their dog was there. I was eyeing the frozen food section :) for a quick idea for dinner. Out of my sub-conscience I hear Elle talking. Then it registered. "Look Mom!! A PIRATE!!"

Couple second delay..........

I look down the aisle in front of me, (coming my way) and sure enough.... a gentleman was wearing a an eye patch. He kind of had a little smirk, but also a look of "what are you going to say?"

Turn down nearest aisle. ASAP.

Tell Elle not to say another word about anyone she sees.

*side note* the time it took to type this, I really just ruined the mac n cheese. It was cooking on the stove. I forgot about it. Lets just say its REALLY done. :) Anyone hungry?!! lol!

Have your kids ever made you blush in public?!! Tell me about it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

She's 7!

WOW!! I can't believe that my little girl is 7 already! Time has really flown! Seven years ago we were wondering when and if our little angel would really come. It took over 28 hours for her to finally make her arrival. And she still didn't want to come!
She is a blessing in our life. She is our sensitive one. Always looking out for everyone else, she has a very caring personality. BrookLynn we love you so much and we are glad that you are a part of our family!!! Love you Brookie-babe!!
She gets to celebrate for a couple days, so that certainly puts a smile on her face!!

Odds 'n Ends from Thanksgiving

I didn't get my camera out much during thanksgiving. So sad!!

The girls did some serious hula-hoopin! It was very entertaining to watch. :) Elle grasped the concept very quickly. If any of you have watched Drum Line (I think thats what its called) Where there is this kid trying to try out for the line. And he plays one of the bigger know how he really uses his hips? Shakin back and forth, well this is what Elle did....except she would be on her tip toes doing it! It was SO cute!! Oh, not to mention the many different facial expressions! :)
Aunt Kacee treated them to 11pm. :) Which you can see they really enjoyed! Bottom right pic shows the proof. Yes, we sloppped the piggies that night. Ha!

Ava's first flight!

And last but not least, Ava got lots of loving from family. One of her biggest fans is her cousin Matty. Oh it was really cute! She called her "baby Eva". She spent lots of time cuddling, talking to her, watching her, and showing her pictures she drew. She even came in and said "I love you so much baby Eva!" Very cute.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just a couple of pics of Ava. :) She kind of consumes all we have been doing lately..... but we still love her to pieces!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Week old!

Finally got some pics up!! Sorry Grama Great and fam! :) the day after we got home from the hospital Blynn came down with the flu and then Eli got it, followed by myself. So things have been really slow around here! Ava has her check up tomorrow, so it will be fun to see how much she has grown already! She is so sweet, our little miracle. She has had some trouble when eating so we are working on that! She didn't want to cooperate much taking these pics tonight but we put up the best ones!
Forgot to post the ones of the girls seeing their sis for the first time.... then some more of tonight. Looks like she has it rough??.....:)

She peed on the couch.....

Day we got home and they could finally hold precious. I loved it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Miss Ava

Some pics of our little angel! :) she is a doll, we are thinking she will be the blonde one! She is a good baby.

Meeting for the first time!

She LOVED having her head washed!!! The rest......not so much. ;)

Skin to skin :)

Meeting grama :) Lots of love!!!


Ava made her appearance this morning at 7:20am weighing in at 6lbs 8oz. She is a doll!! She has a head full of black hair and is beautiful. We love her so much already! Will post pics soon! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

sneak peek

Congrats Jen and Jimmy! Thanks for letting me take these! You guys are great!! I hope you enjoy! :)


Our cats! We took the girls out to Blynn's Carnival on Saturday. They had quite the time. they shed their costume accesories pretty quick!

Some face painting.....


They loved the inflatable jump house! :)

The costume parade wasn't that exciting for them!

Sense that enthusiasm??
Elle trying her stuff at hula hoopin.

I was shocked at how well Blynn knew how to hula hoop!! She kept that thing going for quite a while!!

Later that night we took them trick or treating. We were slowing them down!! We took them back to our "old" neighborhood. We went with our friends, and I didn't even get the camera out!! They took off going house to house. They got a little stache of candy and was happy with that!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What did you get?!

I had to post this. Thought it was pretty funny.

This morning I was laying in bed just trying to find the motivation to get up :) The girls had just got up and were millin around doin their thing. Eli came in and layed back down by me and we were talking when Blynn and Elle came in all proud. Blynn had a big smile on her face as she handed me "breakfast in bed". It consisted of two pieces of toast with some butter and homemade jam. I thought it was so sweet!! I ate my little feast, greatful to my little sweetheart. In the mean while Elle brought Eli some too so he wouldn't feel left out. I had my back turned toward Eli. He stopped eating and said he was trying to choke his down. I kind of laughed and said oh.
Then Blynn came back in with a glass of milk and I shared with my dear hubby.

Later as we were running around doing errands we were talking and somehow the subject of breakfast came back up.

I mentioned something to the extent that I was glad that the butter was almost out cuz the girls like to go overboard. Especially Elle. Then i said something about mine being toasted. He looked at me and said, "Yours was toasted??!!" I laughed and said ya. Then I told him that she did a good job with the jam too. He looked very surprised and said, "You had jam on yours??!!"
Then I realized that the real question was "what did you have for breakfast??!"

He laughed at me and said A piece of bread with some butter. No wonder he was trying to choke it down!!
I love my girls!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Congrats Jen & Jimmy!

More pics are coming!! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Ava won't be lonely? :)

We thought this was pretty funny. Such nice sisters!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farm and pumpkin carving....

*post note* Eli made me put some in of blah!!!

Go figure.....these are all backwards again! :) Last night we took the girls to Staheli Farms. Both of the girls have been there on field trips and loved it. They have rides and stuff for the kids to do. It was really cold when we woke up that morning but Elle insisted on still going when Blynn got out of school! So, after my doc app I grabbed some hot chocolate and we headed out!!

The end of the night carving their pumpkins. ( VERY EMOTIONAL time!! I was in the other room for a couple of minutes and came back out to drama and tears! Green spots on the back of one pumpkin...made it ugly you know! And a messed up face drawn in permanent marker! :)


Finding their pumpkins


Redneck trampoline....with a rope.

Blynn on the swing

Going down the slide into the corn

Nice dismount.

Fun ride! The kid driving took off going 9-0! Good thing they know how to hang on!!

Petting the animals

Dad misses his boys back home :(