Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On Monday night Eli and I took off for Mesquite for a little R&R, Birthday, whatever we call was a wonderful get away! We had a great dinner of Prime rib and king crab legs. It was so good! My favoritest part was the hour long swedish massage! It was the first time for both of us, so a little unsure of how everything was done it ended up great. I'll admit that mine was a little bit better than Eli's! He had a girl and I had a guy. She didn't do a very deep massage and Eli said she spent alot of time on the shoulder "bone"! The muscles inbetween his shoulderblades get really sore and he asked her to move in toward his spine but thought that she was rubbing a knot out or something!! Anyhow it was great and we both are looking forward to the next massage!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a fun Easter weekend! Kacee and Cole came down. We ate way too much candy and junk! But had a lot of fun. On Saturday we hurried out to an easter egg hunt at the park. We were late and missed the hunt, horrible I poor girls! They were so excited. BUT! (There's always a but isn't there!?) They had a huge blow up slide and jumper that the girls loved and then they played at the park for awhile. It wasn't a total loss??? We had bbq's and games which was way fun. Sunday we went to church. I was glad to be done with accompaning choir and a flute number with the junior primary. Yep, flute. I haven't played that thing is forever!!
We hid some eggs in the back yard for the girls. They found a lizard too! It was pretty funny, they weren't too sure what to think of it.
To top of the whole weekend......the girls got their hair cut! Elle has a cute little bob and BrookLynn chopped of all of hers.....I'm still in shock! She is going to donate it to Locks of Love. She loves it!
It was a fun weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another One Down!!

YES!! He did it again! Haha! Eli just passed his multi-engine rating yesterday! What a relief! He was very relieved to get that over with. So now on to bigger and better things....ok they may not be that big yet, but this is the way to get there! We are putting in a couple applications to small places around here! The Grand Canyon has air tours and started hiring this month, So hopefully they are still needing help and we will get a job!
Last night BrookLynn was brushing her teeth and showed us a huge cavity on one of her molars so that was wonderful!! Its always something isn't it! She missed a week of school and was very glad to go back!
The girls are loving Spring! Elle wants to go outside before breakfast and stay outside the whole day! We took them to a fun (different) park in Santa Clara the other day and they want to do that every day also!! Its pretty funny to see them so interested in stuff. Elle is totally consumed with her ballerina outfit. I will get her all ready for the day and she will come out with her "baler-weena" on! Anyhow, thats whats been new here in sunny St. George!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Loved this one of Elle and Grandpa walking back to the house!
Grandpa "Great" and the girls getting the chicken eggs!

Elle is exhausted! Amazing where and how she can fall asleep!

Our trip to Wyoming was great. We got to go hang out for a week with fam. The girls had fun with the baw-ma's! We were able to fly this time....(Thanks to Allegiant Air $39 per ticket!) which made it great! The girls loved it and they did really well.

It was a little on the chilly side while we were there! (by our standards of course!)

Eli is still busy with school. He is taking the rest of his commercial rating today. Then he moves on to work on his multi engine rating. The plan is to start this week and get the rating by next week! Thats the joy of an excellerated program..... it's supposed to be quick training and get where you want to be sooner. But of course it's more difficult at the same time.

Who knows where we will be in 6 months! We can hardly wait to be done with school. Eli doesn't have a set plan on what he wants to be doing! After he gets his Multi engine rating it is just time building to get enough hours to apply for an airline. Sooooo.... thats our life right now!

We finally heard on our housing! We will be able to get in the 1st of April! Yeah! Thanks to Kyle and Catherine for putting up with us for the last three months!

BrookLynn and Elle are growing like weeds. BL got a violin to start learning. It is so cute and very teeny!! I started learning awhile back so it will be fun to learn with her!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Captain


Okay. I'm ticked. I just wrote a big 'ol schpill, something happened, it didn't save or post. So I might try to post pics instead and try again tomarrrow!