Saturday, May 31, 2008

Green thumbs?? I doubt it..... fav radishes!!

Well we took a little plunge. Day before we left for Wyoming Eli made the decision to plant a the girls' sand box. I was estatic and so was the girls! Funny huh? The sand was so fine its was tracked in the house. You could feel it on the floors barefooted but you couldn't see it! It was a neighborhood attraction so its great to cut the traffic in our backyard!

The girls love to go out and help water and do whatever is needed! Pretty fun!

So he brought in some top soil and planted tomatoes, peas, corn, radishes, and cucumbers. They are all looking great so far.....we just hope the heat doesn't incinerate them!! Amazing enough we have had an extremely mild spring!! So we will do our best to keep it goin!! Our first little garden!!! Yea!


Well last week we flew back up to Wyo again! It was fun to chill and hang out with almost the whole fam....Cole and Eli couldn't make it, which was sad! Eli hasn't been able to go back for over a year! After school he will though!
We stayed busy pushing the girls on the swings, jumpin on the tramp. etc! The girls couldn't cram in enough of freedom running around everywhere! they loved it. Grandma took them for wagon rides and spoiled them rotten! BrookLynn even had the wonderful experience of getting her first (and hopefully last!) tick.
One of the best parts of the whole trip happend right before we left! Eli told a couple of days before we left that if I sold my motorcycle I could buy the camera I wanted! I was SO pumped!! I put it up on ksl and craigslist. The NEXT day a guy called from Cedar. Same day we washed it up and got it ready and took it to Cedar! I couldn't be more excited! Our Best Buy didn't have the camera in stock but the Vegas one did!! So on the way to the airport we stopped and got it. I was able to start practicing how to use it..... I LOVE IT! I do have a ton to learn though.......

Still jumpin when its stormy!

We need a ladder......

So goofy!

Enjoying grandmas treats!

Flying on the tramp

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graduation....preschool that is!

Isn't she cute!? She was so excited!! She did very good....we are so proud of our little grad! Haha!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not much

We are pretty boring around here. Or might I say that haven't done anything out of the ordinary camera is kind of retarted right now so I don't have pics of anything.
Tonight Eli and I were able to get a quick break away. It was a bit crazy because all of a sudden BLynn wanted to go with us. Then the excuses started flowing faster than the tears! "You don't go on dates with me!" "Don't you love me anymore?!" Pretty funny now....stressful at that moment!! Then Elle decided to start in. By the time we made it to Kyle and Catherines....needless to say there were lots of tears and leech-like children. I felt bad but at the same time, wasn't going to cave in.....this time. (BTW....Thanks a ton Kyle and Catherine!!! We owe u ton leaving them like that!!) We went to see "Made of Honor". It was pretty funny and we had a great time.
Lately, my girls have been spending more time on their heads than they do their feet!! No joke. every time I turn around....they are upside-down. Headstands like crazy....Its funny. BLynn is getting pretty good at it!
Tomarrow is BLynns preschool graduation. I think it is silly, but whatever!! She is totally stoked about it!! I love that something like that gets her so excited!! Speakin of excitement!... We will be headed back up to Wyoming for another visit! The girls keep asking if today is the day we go see grandmas again! they can hardly wait! I feel so bad that Eli can't go....again. ITs been forever since he's made it up there! He has to get ready for some big tests again! These are for his CFI rating. (Certified Flight Instructor) Then he will start teaching for the school to build up his hours....too much fun. He's pretty busy. I guess thats it till next time!