Saturday, September 26, 2009

H fam sneek peek

I love her smile here!! She is a very serious little girl!! :)

Thanks guys for letting take some pics of you guys!! :) Your great!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

So glad!

Yea! So glad to have this task accomplished!! The pears look pretty good, and taste pretty yummy! My girls love pears over peaches so hopefully this ought to last them a week or two!! :) (they seriously would eat these all day every day!) Eli thinks we better get some more. But, next time, I'll wait till he is here to help * not wait till the middle of the night to start doing them * stand straight up at the sink (killer back pain!!) * find even softer, cushier shoes! :) haha!
The kitchen is one sticky mess, there was water dripping from the ceiling (I needed an umbrella), It was like a furnice in there! Thanks to Eli for leaving his pretty comfy shoes. My feet needed them!! Glad to be done.....this go around!

Thursday, September 17, 2009 September.

The other day girls were begging Eli and I to take them swimming. Its been really nice so after school one day we decided to go. Its been really fun. I really wish I had an underwater camera to show the gist of it. Elle will only wear her goggles around her neck and then pull the eye pieces up to eyes and go under. We've tried everything to get her to ear them right. Blynn's goggles are the kind that cover the nose too. So the other day Elle was wearing Blynns goggles and wanted Eli to go under so she could wave...etc... Eli comes up busting a gut. He said it was a hoot to watch her goggles fill up with water. You know, like on the cartoons where it starts at the bottom and fills up to the top? Its pretty comical. We all had a good laugh!

Elle is still bored like crazy during the day while Blynn is at school. She will make up her list of fun things to do. Want to know what she had to do on todays list? Color Easter eggs. Yep. She saw a picture of her dying easter eggs last year and wanted to do it. So Eli took her to the store and bought some eggs and when Blynn got home away they colored!! Now they are hiding them.... too funny!

Blynn still likes school. She has got several "caught me" cards. Its when the teacher see's them doing something nice or helpful. Then she brings them home and we "praise" her for during so well! :) She loves it. She has done really well on her spelling words every week. I've noticed a big difference in her reading. She struggles sometimes, and is ready to give up. Thats where my patience plays a huge part. As long as I talk it through, and be all calm-like, she won't give up. :) sigh. Some days I really struggle. :)
*on a side note, we had another check up yesterday and everything looks good! Less than 7 weeks left!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


She is 5!!!! She waited for this day for a long time! She woke up this morning in good spirits and couldn't wait for her party after school! She asked for a Hannah Montana party. So I thought that it would be fun to try a fondant cake. Um, not so much. I made my own fondant and somewhere along the way, something went wrong. But no need to fear, Eli came to the rescue and rescued the fondant. I was ready to head to Costco!! ;) The girls help make it and had fun with it, so I was happy. Elle liked it, so I guess I had a winner!!!
We had a large....r party than planned. :) With about 20 little kids crammed into our small house it made for a loud, crazy party. Elle got a lot of neat and fun toys. Thanks everyone who came!!! Elle we love you tons and can't believe its already been 5 years since you joined our family. Love ya lots!!! :)

(Catherine, the apron worked fabulous!! I spilled my pop all over myself and the apron took the grunt of it!! Thanks!!! Its awesome!)

Opening her fun presents

Too bad I couldn't fit all the kids into the picture!!

Little game of musical chairs..... poor Elle was the first one out!! :(

Some pin the tail on the donkey

Posing with dad!

Surprise visit from Hannah Montana! ;) ;)

Egg race

Eating some cake and ice cream....... outside!! Complete with purple kool-aid :0 Ya glad it was outside!

Blowing out the candles

The b-day girl! Thanks everyone who called, sent balloons, helped and did gifts . She loved it and it made her day so special! THANKS!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well I finally have some pics to post! Eli gave us a reason to blog :) This morning we had another doc app and everything looks really good. Elle got to hear the heartbeat. It was pretty cute to watch her reaction. We have tentatively marked our calendars for Ava's arrival on November 3rd!! We are getting closer!

Then after our doc app Eli took us on a little flight around town. Elle is pretty funny. She said she didn't want to get in the airplane. But as soon as we got on the tarmac, she sprinted for the plane and got up on the wing ready to get in! :) So we called this Ava's first flight (with Eli piloting of course) We missed Blynn!

Some pics of our day. In no particular order of course!

Me looking pretty fat and Elle (I seriously don't feel THAT big!! But pics don't lie! :) haha!)

Coming in for landing

Getting all buckled up ready to go!

Flying over our house!! Yeah!

Staheli's corn maze

Looking pretty cute! She's a natural!

**couple funny things the girls said lately**
We went swimming yesterday and came back and was showering when the girls were fighting over something in the bathtub. Then a min later Blynn starts screaming bloody murder and hollers for Eli. He didnt get in there fast enough for her likes. When he got in there she said,
"Why didn't you come when I called you?!!"
Eli responded "I did. I thought you where fighting again."
She said, "I have bubbles in my eyes and I was sreaming louder then my fighting scream!"
Wherever they come up with this stuff! :)
* * * *
Blynn has loved being a big girl going to school all day, but I think that it has definately taken its toll. She gets so tired! She is still trying to be able to do fun stuff all day like she did in the summer. The other day she was so tired and was in tears about not bein able to go do something fun when she said,
"I never get to do anything fun anymore! I just have to sit at my desk ALL day!!"
* * * *
Elle is in a wonderflul stage where she is brutally honest with others. Not a bad thing right?! WRONG. It can be embarrasing!! She was sitting on the couch the other day watching a movie. Greg was over and had fallen asleep next to her. He is a snorer. Enough said?! :) He started snoring and it was really loud. I happened to walk through the living room at the moment where she looked at him and said,
"Greg. Stop snoring!! Its annoying!!"
(of course he was unconscience, and didn't hear her. But now his name is Mr. Snorer.) *sigh*