Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Thanks Mark and Shayla for putting up with my crazyness!! You are guys are great.....oh and J & S are so stinkin cute!

She's off!!

Well, she figured it out. :) :( I can't believe that she's mobile now. She didn't like to roll so that gave me a little longer, but she did it last night. It was fun watching her try to figure it out. She was really good at the push-up stance. Her poor little toes :) She is too funny. I'm seriously behind on her visits and well checks. I did take her in last Saturday and she weighed 15.6 pounds. Very healthy! I think her two front upper teeth are going to make an appearance soon! I noticed that her gums were swelling up. That explains her nasty several day grouchy-ness!!?
She is started laughing more. Its so cute. I love it. She's pretty stingy with what she laughs about!
She still doesn't sleep through the night. :( Here's hoping that changes soon! One of her favorite things to do when being held is scratching or pinching your arm, back of your arm....etc. Painful! Ava is our little scheduler. She keeps me on track. Demanding meals....etc,... at the same time everyday. She lets me know when I've gone past that time!
So grateful for such a sweet little angel! She has a funny little personality that contains some serious attitude! When she gets upset or mad, she straightens out her arms and lets out a shriek/growl. Very amusing!

Let the baby proofing begin......again! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mustang Days....the parade

We decided to put the girls in the Kiddie parade this year. So Catherine and I made some skirts for the girls. They loved them and couldn't wait to see the Dollies! We also made them some garters. We noticed that BLynn hiked up her skirt just so the Dollies could see that she wanted to be one!! It was so cute :)
It rained and blew during the Kiddie Parade so we pretty much ran. Poor Ava was freezing. Sorry the pics are so blurry, the girls kept trying to keep up with us when we ran ahead to get a good pic of them!

Showing off their garters:)

Ava pooped all over, so we had to rebath and do a quick wash on her skirt:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swim, storms, and not much else :)

This is Ava enjoyed the storm :)
Our flooded driveway. Another nice "spring" storm.

This is what happens with sunscreen. Seriously! He applied it several times. (Isn't he a hottie?) Are you loving the mohawk look? He just ran the Ragnar Relay Race in Utah this past weekend. Him and Kaleb both shaved their heads (mascots?) for the race. It went well and they did pretty good. I need to get their pics posted from it. Congrats K-bob and babe!! I'm proud of ya! :)

We love summer will you please kick in now?? I miss warm.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rescue Me

I am sitting here deciding on whether or not to post this :) I feel so spacey today and mixed emotions. Go figure. THIS IS A LONG DRAMA POST. please be aware:) dont' say I didn't warn ya.
Last night I threw some things together for this weekend. Laundry was semi done. (folding/putting away fairies failed to show up....AGAIN!) I had the girls' things together. I just had to throw a couple of things in my suitcase and I felt like I should be good. I become pretty OCD when I do stuff like this. My plan was to go to St. George and take some pictures. Everything was arranged and ready to go.
I awake this morning and got busy. Jumped in the shower while B ate breakfast and got ready for school. We hurried out the door and started driving out of the yard. Man! The van is driving wierd. What the??? It instantly hit. Flat tire. CRAP!!! Pull back in the yard and figure that we can grab the bikes and ride over. Seriously?? They are still in pieces from the move....the time it would take to put them together....... K, fine I will call Kari. answer :) I really don't want to bug Catherine, but I was quickly running out of options!! so I answer :) Ha!!! What am I doing wrong!!!?? Kari calls back and takes B to school.
In my head at this point in time, I was a mess. Change the tire....what to take to Cody.....Bathe A get E ready.....Tire? See? Any normal person would calmly figure this all out. Eli is the calm one. Was he here? Nope.
K. Quickly change my clothes and change the tire. Get the stuff out and get the jack ready. Try to loosen the bolts. No go. Try again and again.... and again. I realize I am quickly running out of time. Going to miss my flight.
Run back inside, bathe A. Do E's hair. Get myself ready. Make other arrangements to get to Cody. Throw the rest of our crap together and get out the door. Late. One thing I can't stand is being late. I still had to run out to my dad's to check flights. Not Good. At. All.
Driving to Cody (Kari saved the day once again) I felt like a mess. Tears would flow very easy. :) I tried to figure out my options. Talk about mumbo-jumbo mess! I could make the first flight. the next one I might possibly get on with an S2. How many do I have left?? Can I get there in time to get my rental if I couldn't get on the first flight? There were lots of other factors making this very difficult. My brain hurt:) My baby has been un-usually grouchy the last couple of days....
I got to the airport, thanked Kari, kissed my baby bye and ran inside. I checked in and the nice fellow at the counter proceeded to tell me that they were asking for volunteers. WHAT??!! You mean??? K, here we go again. This wasn't the flight I was worried about!!! And in Lamans terms, when they are asking for volunteers, it means there are NO seats for standby's!!! None! Zilch!! Nada! No chance to get on. My heart dropped. There was no way to get there.
Longer story shorter....
Get home try again to change the tire. No luck. Realize I can't find car keys. Search EVERYwhere. Take girls swimming. Get back, try tire again. Going to try again when Uncle Richard and Mark show up. I wanted to bawl. :) Such a great feeling to be rescued. (Feel bad they had to do this) Try to find car keys. start calling places I been today. Back track. Tried to open it myself with Eli's slim jim. Gave it my best. (baby inside crying and very sad. again Kari was helping me!) Have to call Lloyd. He comes over after his busy day and opens my car. :) Again, Thanks!! Walk back inside only to have it hit me like a brick wall where my lost keys are. (tucked in gas compartment of van)
Is today over yet???
Ava has fever.
Have pics of girls swimming....more like sitting beside freezing cold pool. Will post.....tomorrow. (Eli and Kaleb made it through their first leg of the race today. It was hot. They run here in a couple more hours:) Good luck.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where do I start?

Its been crazy busy these last two and a half months. So much has been going seems like. But when I stop and try to figure out what it is.... I don't come up with too much :) We've moved. Its a good move, closer to family, our own house, etc. But.... I really miss St. George. Lots. Everything was so convenient. The weather was beautiful.... anyhow. We are here. Doing good, and waiting for summer. Oh my goodness I wonder if its ever going to come!! Tired of the wind, and having to turn on the heater!!!
We moved the first of May. It was adventerous. Of course it rained, and some of our things got wet. (everything was in a horse trailer) We did make it safe though. Dad and Eli drove down Sunday and we loaded everything up on Monday and was gone by 1. I really don't miss driving. :)
One of the first things we did was get the house ready. Painting and fun stuff like that. Then when the weather seemed to be looking up we planted our first real garden. We planted lots of things. We are so excited and it looks like it might pull through.....
We've done some major yard work.....with tons of stuff still to do. One of those on going projects. I'll post some pics. We got started without taking pics, but you might get the point.

The first real road trip. Didn't go so swell. She wasn't a fan of driving! The duck is one of her favorite toys. Pretty cute!
These two clicked back to road trip mode. Can't you tell? Yes we did still hear many "Are we almost there yet?!!!"

We baby showered for Kari. Always good for a party!!
Elle started swim lessons....which she LOVED. It was fun to watch her
Renewed the friendship with the "boys" :)
Ava turned 6....then 7 months already! Wow. She is growing so fast. I'm horrible. No 6 month well check. Being inbetween doctors really chaps me. Finding another one is proving more difficult. sigh. She did get double ear infections. That was sad. Poor baby. Spent LOTs of time with cousins.

I'm headed back this weekend for more wedding pics and to soak up the sun :) Eli is running the Ragnar Relay this weekend. 12 people, two days, 180 miles. Insanity!
Blynn is in summer school till next week. She's done really well. It was a surprise to move up here and find out she is behind on reading! She's getting caught back up though! She was able to go to school here for a month and get to know kids and teachers. She loved her teacher. Elle is ready for Kindergarten next year. She can hardly wait to be with all her cousins and finally go to a big school:)
I guess this it for now. I'm going to try a little harder. I've just found other things to do! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

They're gorgeous!

This is Channing and Morgan. I got to do their bridals. They are awesome and I loved being able to photograph them! Thank you guys I hope you like them!

my fav!