Monday, April 27, 2009

catch up

Looking for bugs

She got up there, and now she needs help down.

Our bug girl. She loves catapillars. (my man finally gets to relax)
K so its been awhile! I've missed Easter and more importantly Birthdays!!! Especially Eli's!! I'm horrible. I would go into detail what hasn't got done, but I better not. Just not a good idea. But I'm getting back on!

So most importantly, HAPPY BELATED B-DAY TO ELI!!!! (BIG 30)!! Know I still love you very much! We were in Wyoming over his birthday for Easter. *note* gets gushy, you may want to skip to next paragraph. :) I don't know how I got so lucky. Your sense of humor that always make us laugh all the time is wonderful. You are very hard working. I love how spotanious you are. You are an amazing dad and husband. You are the one of the most self-less people I know. (next to your mom of course :)) One word, Patience. You have plenty of it. We are beginning to love your "LOVE" for flying. Haha! I love how you find ways to serve others. (I have a quick story to tell. The other morning Eli and I flew to SLC to pick up the van and product. On the way home we stopped at a convience store and on the way in, Eli held the door for two old ladies. They were all happy and said thank you, Eli didn't end it there and told them to have a "Happy Thursday". They giggled with glee and turned giddy. All I could do is laugh. It was so cute. He does stuff like this all the time.) He has the ability to talk to anyone. He loves the outdoors. He likes to include us with him wherever he goes and does, but won't go if we can't or don't want to. He draws very well. He loves to play the guitar. He feels bad if he can't stop and help some one on the interstate. The list goes on. I only wish that my brain would function better so I can put it all down. Eli you are amazing and never cease to amaze me. I love you so much and am very lucky to have such a great companion and best friend!!! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!
We missed Grama Leithead's b-day and Kenneth and Andrew's B-days too! Happy belated to you guys too!!

We went camping this last "weekend". Our week days and "ends" are backwards. It was fun. It was only over night, but we still had fun. Our friends M&M and kids accompanied us. I laugh at how dirty the kids can get, so quickly! They had a blast. We had our own red rock climbing wall. And we were even lucky enough to get out of there without any broken limbs!!! Even Better!!

And I'll take a quick moment to thank our mechanic/engineer for for getting electricity to flow where it needed so we could air up our mattresses. (only bad thing about the site was that it lacked any space to put tents. Nice. We got to the site to quickly choose between two sites before one was snagged minutes after!) Definately different camping compared to Wyo!!! So back to our fix it guys, it was heavenly to sleep on a mattress compared to the edge of the asphalt with plentiful little sharp rocks :) Or spend the whole night trying to blow it up by mouth.
We laughed lots. So when we go camping in Wyo, things are A LOT different right? Well we have never been to this particular site and didn't know what to expect. So we brought some red neck items so we could be prepared and M&M had a hay day with that. They didn't like our princess lamp either!!! All I can say is we are going to get a REAL camping light next! We had a blast and great company. Till next time.... (Eli wants to camp this week too :) Maybe.
We had a good time in Wyo for Easter, and like always we missed Eli cuz he had to work. It was fun to hang out with the fam again. When we got on the plane to come home, I felt like I fell apart. It was butt-crack early in the am, Elle wanted to stay which led her to tears.....Blynn soon followed, It was freakin HOT in the airport in Cody, there were no bathrooms on this side of security (which was a huge problem!) and countless other things. The breath of fresh air boarding was heavenly. It had just started to sprinkle and smelled so good!.... just till we boarded and the heat was on in the plane. I thought I was going to die right then. I was so sick. I was seriously falling apart at both ends. TMI. All I can say was trouble. When we landed in SL, Eli had just gotten off of work and got there minutes after we did. Pregnancy and flying don't mix. I knew I was in for it going to SG. It is always bumpy. Always. Things would be better since Eli was with me right?! Wrong. They were only going to be able to put 3 of us on. After deciding, the girls and I were getting on. Saying our goodbyes, we boarded. The pilot came on and said we were waiting for mechanics to board. I immediately panicked because I thought all seats were full. Which in turn meant we were getting booted. I texted Eli, and he said he was the mechanic!!! Wha-hoo!! Just the site of him getting on the plane was heavenly :) We all were able to sit together. I made it. Being sick all day every day doesn't sit well. I can only wait till this part is over!!
Wow, sorry so long winded! I guess this is what happens when you wait to post so long. I have forgotten stuff.
One last thing. Our friends just had a beautiful baby girl. She had complications and only lived for a few hours. We traveled to the funeral. It was so hard. I'm extremely emotional anyway. I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us and that this family will be able to see their sister, daughter again. This was all made possible by our loving Elder brother, Jesus Christ. I am so greatful for this knowledge.

Monday, April 6, 2009


K, so i'm inside trying to pick up my nastyness of a house, when Blynn come runnin in. "Just grabbing ....the rest was undecipherable." So on her way back out she has her two old umbrellas. I just thought whatever. So then I start hearing this weird noise. Like something hollow dragging across the concrete. So I go outside to investigate and this is what I found..... my neighbor spraying the kids down with the hose!! ( the noise was him spraying his daughter when she had her raincoat on :)) The kids were having a blast! it was so nice today. The kids can hardly wait until the pool opens!! :)

Sneak Peek at the Hansens

These kids were so good, and they are very cute too! They did very well considering it was pretty chilly! Enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

She's finally doing it!

Elle begged Eli to finally take off the training wheels....of her new bike. So he did. But in the mean time she hopped on her old bike and away she went. She didn't give Eli a chance to even get behind her!!! It was pretty funny. Our driveway is sloped and she just took off. She's been riding her old bike constantly since then, but is still a bit nervous for her big bike! She looks like she's been riding this way forever!! Too funny. She cracks us up. She's gettin so big. Sigh :)