Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm looking back at the pictures I took for christmas......depressing. Very. Depressing. I took a few while the girls opened their christmas jammies on C-Eve. Then a few that morning. Thats it!! Eli had to go to work on Christmas morning, I was glad he was able to be with us that morning, but it was still pretty hard having him gone. Later that day we relaxed and ate way too much food!!
The girls slept in for awhile but I think we finally got going around 8:30:) But going back to Christmas Eve we chilled with Eli's family before the whole Mayes clan gathered and did the traditional party. We had dinner and had a small program and sang songs. It was fun, and felt the spirit. We had a video given to the women in our ward, and it was so neat. It really brought the spirit about that first night so long ago. I watched it with the girls and they really liked the pictures:)
One thing for sure?? Time to get some family traditions going.

I threw this one in just cuz:) too could I not!!??

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