Friday, January 14, 2011


In December we decided that A has had enough ear infections. We took her in when I suspected another ear infection and sure enough both ears were infected and Dr. K confirmed she probably needed tubes. So we set up an appointment with a Dr. in St. George. He was actually the dad to her old pediatrician. So I knew he had to be good:) That Dr. said she would definately benefit with the tubes so I set up an appt to get them done. With several changes and other circumstances we weren't able to get there until this last week.
They have a retarded policy that states if its been over a month since the check up then we have to have another appt confirming she needs them. (we were a couple of days over the 30) Total waste of time! They scheduled us with a different dr. and he was confused when we came back in. He asked if we needed another opinion or what? So he looked in her ears and had his intern look. Then without saying anything to us he asks the intern what he saw. The intern replied that her ears were red. No fluid. Looked ok. I told them she just got off antibiotics so?.... he told me she was teething. Please Dr. tell me something I DON'T KNOW!!!
So needless we were pretty confused. I knew how many infections she's had her first year of life! Its this never ending cycle where she gets infections, takes antibiotics... almost recovers and we already have the next bout with them. I was so frusterated, as her mom I know she doesn't sleep, chronic infections, always pulling at them? Anyhow, long story short E and I decided to do it anyway.
Her surgery went very well and the operating Dr. told us she had fluid in one ear already. We are happy and felt good about our decision. She was back to normal that evening:) We hope that this helps her! We love this little girl!!


The Edwards said...

I hope Ava's tubes helps her poor little ears. Glad to see you back in the blogworld. Love love loved Blynn's baptism pics. The are beautiful!

Rach n Adam said...

Poor baby! We haven't had problems with ear infections, but I can imagine how frustrating that must be. Glad she is doing better. I enjoyed looking at all your pics! Looks like you had a nice December. Next time you make a trip this way you should let us know! We'd love to see you guys! ;p

danielandjamaica said...

FINALLY! I was starting to think that the next time you'd update we'd be seeing B's graduation!! :) They are getting so big! I didn't know you could get baptized at 5 years old now! :) JK! I think you're family might be growing faster than ours. Has it been THAT long?
Sorry about your headache with Dr.'s in St. George. Dr. M is usually pretty good about it - but he's not around very much. Did you have to go to a whole different office? Good job going with your gut. We've never had a ear infection problem... except a fake one that ended up being a red bead in Michael's ear!! ;)
We'll be up in May! I'm already counting down! :)

Shawnee said...

Hope this helps her (and you) feel better.

Stacey said...

Brooklynn is a beautiful young lay! You should be proud of her. I hope the tubes help Ava, poor sweetie!