Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh the hormones.....and two for one!

*warning...this is extremely long and there is the high possibility for rambling. Read at your own risk.... Oh, and sidenote. I can't remember where the camera cable is, so there are unfortunately no pictures. Sorry.

Sunday we were relaxing and A hit E in the mouth with her bottle. Tears were shed in large amounts (didn't help that night before we traveled home in the snow and got in a little late, then early rise for church) and we surveyed the damage in E's mouth to find a fistula above her teeth on the gums. I wanted to immediately freak out. *note..last year we had her in the dentist to find out that she had several problem areas. They wanted to put her out to do the work, but it all had to be paid up front....didn't work out at the time.
It was hurting her several days before and we had scheduled appointments for next week. Obviously that wasn't going to work. So we liked the dentist in Billings, and scheduled her to go in. I was so nervous.
Quick history:
The first time she saw a dentist, she wouldn't even open her mouth. Tears, screaming and plenty of drama. I had to hold her facing me, laying her down in my lap, her head in the dentists lap. (We had the best pediatric dentist!!!)
Second time, pumped, all worked up to be brave, and raunchy assistant shoves a bite wing in her mouth not only surprising her, but gagged the crap out of her. Scared the crap out of her. Scaring for life right there!

This would be #3. Third times a charm, right? Having some dental backround, I was priming her of what they would possibly do, what they would put in her mouth etc. I think I made myself slightly sick, for the possible outcome. I could tell she was nervous, trying to put on a brave face.
Eli made the appointments Monday am. Yep, he scheduled B too. Just to get in, get her cleaning done etc at the same time. We get there and B goes in first. She is a champ. She has had a filling and cap done before. She didn't flinch and was awesome. Eli went in with her. A little bit later they took E back. I could have swore I heard her heart beating a million miles a minute. I wanted so bad to had the work done on me and take this away from her. I was even more heartbroken when the lady working on her was so scatterbrained. She was all over the place. I was so close to telling her to get all her crap together and take five to relax. D.I.S.A.P.P.O.I.N.T.E.D. Big time. I tried to smile and be brave for her. This lady didn't listen when I told her that we've had some bad experiences etc. and she would need to be gentle and explain what she's doing.
Ya, she told me that sometimes they do better without a parent in the room. SIGH heard throughout the office right there!! this close to telling her where to shove it. Of course come time for pictures she was getting ready and thinks its time to push the button when she realizes she didn't have this or that ready.
Sorry, I am really rambling here...... this part didn't go so swell. She tried taking pictures, cleaning, and getting a treatment plan ready because they would do some of the work that day.
To top it off the office part of this equation, was screwed up too. I wish I could explain this better!! (Ramie, if your reading this, I really should have told the story to you, and you would be able to put it beautifully!!!)
Eli came out of the cleaning with B and was working on some paperwork. B needed some work done too. They already had her back working on a pulpotomy with crown and making a "ramp" to fix her crooked teeth in the front. So I went back to be with her till they got Elle back in to work on her. (so they got teeth cleaned and treament plans, then let them go out into waiting area, before taking them back in to work on them. Is this making sense?!)
They were working on the ramp when I got in. I wanted to cry when I saw it. It was HUGE and gangly. I thought for sure this wasn't close to the finished product. Yea. It was. What little person needs issues like this? She's in second grade for pete's sake!!! You want to leave her tooth like this for a week? DO YOU KNOW HOW CRUEL KIDS CAN BE?!!! AHHH! I'm really loosing it here. What this "ramp" was, was build up on her top front tooth and front bottom tooth. Like big. It would correct her bite in a matter of two to three days. She would be so annoyed with the bite, that she would bite, bite, bite all the time, causing the teeth to move. Right then and there I was not going to let her go to school the rest of the week. For her sake. She got done and was tired, not liking the numbness etc. So we headed out to the front. The lady at the desk told me they had already taken E back in. Then she needed some info that Eli had. I proceeded to ask which room they had her in so I could get the info. She looked at me like I was stupid. I drew her a picture, that Eli had the info with him, and he was in one of the rooms.....get my drift lady?? So on her cute little earpeice (everyone that works there has these cute earpieces. Walky-talkies to communicate etc) She proceeds to ask
...."all assistants....which opratory is Elle in.....Silence. No response.
Again. "All assistants....which room is Elle and her dad in? Still silence.
I walk around the corner into waiting room to see my sweet #2 daughter and her daddy still waiting to go back. I was ready to leave.
E finally goes in for some major tears, drama, mourning, lamenting, shaking, crying.... They were going to pull the bad tooth. She FLIPPED when her mouth went numb. Wow. They got the tooth out in a matter of seconds. It was all over. She was crawling to get out of there as was I. She then tells on way out the door, "mom, I screamed as loud as I could." :)
oh yeah. It was that good!
Eli was in the car with B and A. B was working furociously on a bottom tooth. Like going crazy on it. I asked her what in the sam she was doing. She replied happily, "trying to pull my tooth out!.... while my mouth is numb!!!! Elle had accidently hit her tooth that morning, and made it slightly loose. Wow.
We were still trying to be patient and upbeat for them to make them comfortable and happy. I was starting to really struggle! Elle continues to freak out (she has gauze in her mouth) that theres too much blood on it and wants a new one. It dawns on me that they forgot to give her gauze and her prescription. Back in I go. B ordered some tissue so she could pull her tooth.
:) I get the stuff and make E happy.
I asked if I could assist B. She happily obligued. I yanked it out. Now, the tooth fairy has double duty tonight.
Later on we discovered that B obviously can't close her mouth all the way to chew. So another stop to get some soup and a shake. :)

Moral of the story.... there isn't one.
I was so exhausted, and I'm even more nervous for the return trip on Tuesday!!!


The Edwards said...

Oh man, as I was reading this, My heart was breaking for you. What a fiasco!...I can relate with your girls. I absoultely despise going to the dentist. I have the worst teeth known to man. I brush and floss religiously, but I still have cavities every time I go to the dentist. In fact, I went last week and they began work on not 1, but 2 root canals! It's going to cost us over $2000 even with insurance. It's so frustrating and I cry everytime I leave the dentist. They always tell me the same thing, "You have beautiful teeth, we can tell that you are brushing and flossing, we don't know why they are giving you problems."....contrast all of this with the fact that my husband never ever flosses and is not nearly as dedicated at brushing as I am and yet, he's had one cavity in the 10 years we've been married. It's so not fair....hang in there, and next time you go, leave little Ava with us to play for the day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I REALLY hope Tuesday goes crazily opposite of that trip. I could just feel you're anxiety as I read that!
Shaley Spitzenberger

Kacee said...

umm....actually...moral of this story is....kristin was trying her hardest (and succeeded) to talk kacee out of having children! good work sister! cuz we ALL know kacee's history with ANY dental business and its probably a good thing i wasn't there with you!!! :)) because I'm pretty sure you and my nieces would have dis owned me! lol! but on a positive note....you have something to spend your tax return on!!! :)

KJ and Chelsea said...

Holy Crap! Poor Elle, what a terrible dentist visit :( Glad it's over, and I bet the tooth fairy made her feel better!

Michelle Croft said...

Holy crap!! Where did you go? I don't think I would go back there again. I would totally recommend my dentist to you. Tiffany (Grandalen) Minchow is his hygienist - she's on maternity leave right now though. She is fantastic with my girls. Let me know if you want his info. Even if you don't go to him, we're friends with at least five other dentists here; anyone has to be better than what you guys had to go through.

Ken and Kim Cutler said...

I am so sorry! I hope everything worked out!